LOOK: 22 Trained Lady Enforcers Now Man Traffic Management in Manila

Did you hear that the women constables from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) were recently deployed to the Inter-agency Council on Traffic (i-ACT), the single authority in traffic management along national roads in the metropolis.

The 22 lady enforcers will be deployed in areas with high pedestrian traffic and are seen to boost the manpower of the i-ACT, which is also looking into recruiting force multipliers from provinces to meet its requirement on the number of traffic enforcers. The MMDA shall also deploy three (3) lady motorcycle riders to complement the presence of traffic enforcers.


According to Gen. Manny Gonzales, deputy chief traffic enforcer of the i-Act, there are currently 1,509 traffic enforcers assigned to the i-ACT, mostly from the MMDA. The i-ACT is currently in discussion with Local Government Units, mall operators, and volunteer groups to help in managing traffic in Metro Manila.

What are your thoughts on this? 🙂