LOOK: 2016’s Cutest Pets in Halloween Costumes

This year’s Halloween, or should I say Howl-oween, won’t be as fun without dressing up our four-legged babies.

With tons of pet events left and right, paw parents in all corners of the country had been way creative than a dog dressed as a hotdog. Seriously though, the rest of us will be ashamed of what we wore this Halloween upon seeing what these fur balls had been up to.

And so, we searched the internet for this year’s cutest and spookiest pets in their Halloween costumes. Happy scrolling!

10. Vampire

Howl-oween won’t be complete without someone dressed as a vampire. Well, can a vampire get any cuter than Tiny? Look at those fangs! She definitely nailed it.

9. Princess

We can’t exactly say that Khaleesi dressed up as a princess for this year’s trick or treat because this is how she normally looks like. Yup, she’s that fabulous. So, we’ll just congratulate her for the cutest babies!

8. Winnie the Pooh and Count Dracula

Lexie and Allie in their Winnie the Pooch and Count Bark-ula costumes are probably the most unimaginable Halloween pair. Both of them are still so cute, with or without the outfits!

7. Toast and Bacon

Who said you have to spend a fortune in pet costumes? These two dogs proved us that you can totally rock Halloween in matching outfits. All you need is a spark of creativity. Toast and bacon, anyone?

You are what you eat! #apetrifyingtrail2016

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6. Pirate

The meow among the woofs. Shawn embraces the pirate life whole-heartedly. Ask her if she loves her costume and she’ll surely say, “Aye! Aye! Captain!” in meow language.

Happy Meowloween! Arrrr! ???????? #PAWsomeCats #ShawnOfPAWsomeCats . . . ???? > Dr. Melay Pelayo

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5. Devil

We bet this is the first time you’ll see a grumpy corgi. Check out that strong eye brow game and perky evil tail. But, isn’t Logan the cutest nonetheless?

4. Little Red Riding Hood

Amanda Seyfried should watch out because Summer looks beautiful in her Little Red Riding Hood costume. Oh, look! There’s a not-so-bad wolf beside her too.

3. Unicorn

Who would’ve thought it’s possible for this dog to be 1000x more adorable than she already is? Judy in unicorn costume definitely swept the internet off its feet!

2. Clown

Carey proved us that clowns can be cute, too, if it was him wearing the costume. We’re definitely booking him for our pet’s next barkday party!

Clowns in The Philippines?!

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1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Last but definitely not the least, Akirah the chihuahua graced this year’s Halloween with her spooky ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ costume. I guess she felt like it wasn’t enough to only dress up as one character so she portrayed the whole movie instead. Wow!

This year’s best Howl-oween costume. ????????????????

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Meanwhile, Willow decided to escape the hustle and bustle of trick or treating. She spent the long weekend by going out of town and having fun under the sun. Good choice, Willow!

First time at the beach ☀️ @bowandwow @outwardhound #OutwardHound #WillowTheNorwich

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Which one’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments!