LOOK: 2,000 Led Red Roses Just Bloomed in Cordova, Cebu!

A new batch of LED roses is making rounds online. Liza’s Little Garden is home to 2K red LED roses and they are quite a sight to behold!
Red LED Roses 1

Mark Carlo Seno recently posted about his experience on Facebook and the place looks absolutely lovely. “We were lucky to witness its first night lighting,” he shares. He also shares that these roses are electrically/electronically planted around 2kms away from the 10k roses. Check out Mark’s original post here.

Red LED Roses 3

I’m pretty sure these photos don’t do them justice at all, so why not plan a getaway with your loved one and check it out in person yourself? The entrance fee for adults is only Php100 and it’s Php50 for kids. :) For inquiries, you may contact them at 520-2363.

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