LOOK: 1,000 Piece Chickenjoy! Jollibee Launches 1,000 Pieces Jumbo Joy Bucket

WheninManila Chickenjoy Jumbo Joy

If a 6-piece Chickenjoy Bucket is not enough for you, get ready because Jollibee has just launched a 1,000-piece Jumbo Joy Bucket.

If it’s not too obvious, this jumbo bucket will contain 1,000 pieces of Chickenjoy. Now, you won’t need to worry about saving the last hiya piece when you’re hungry or giving the chicken skin to your jowa when he or she asks for it.

“Appetites have grown during the lockdown and we have received comments on social media about adding more pieces to our beloved Chickenjoy Bucket. We’ve always believed in leveling up the joy so we accepted the challenge. Go big or go home. We decided to go all out and release a 1,000 piece Jumbo Joy Bucket,” a Jollibee representative said.

WheninManila Chickenjoy Jumbo Joy 2

When asked how the Jumbo Joy Bucket would be delivered, the representative said that they would be using actual Jollijeeps.

The 1,000-piece Jumbo Joy Bucket will be available starting today, April 1.

You can order it in select branches, for takeout and delivery only. Orders need to be made five hours before to count the 1,000 pieces, cook them, and count them again before adding them to a specially-designed bucket.

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