Long distance relationships don’t work

Long distance relationships don’t work.

When I was in college, I had my first serious relationship. It was the first time I was far from home so I can say I had a lot of firsts in that relationship. We’ve been together for four years until she graduated. I was an engineering major so I had a year left on my tab. She left for Manila to work. It was just a three-hour trip then but we broke up because long distance relationships don’t work.

Then, I met someone online. She’s from the North and I was from the South. It was a fun couple of months until when it was near my birthday, she ghosted me. The term ghosting didn’t even exist back then but she did that to me. I tried calling her, even going to her house but to no avail. Until one day, I just received a text message saying she wanted to split up because she found someone new and because long distance relationships don’t work.

Next came who I thought was the one I would spend forever with. We lived together for years with her uncertain of what the relationship’s future is. You know, when you’re “in love,” you are wearing rose-tinted glasses such that even the red flags are just regular flags to you. I should have known when she said from the start that she was never sure of us. Long distance relationships don’t work so every time she moved from one place to another for work or whatever, I followed her until I got tired of following her. Then, we began living in different addresses but with a cheesy promise that when we’re 40 and still available, we’ll get back together for good. A few months after the separation, she got married because she fell in love and because long distance relationships don’t work.

Finally, someone came along that made me realize that love can be this easy. It was the littlest things that made me fall in love with her – a pinch on my chubby toes, a massage on my forehead, a peck on the lips in public. The last one wasn’t that little, actually. Then, she had to leave even though she didn’t want to. It’s for our future, I presume. And I’m scared because long distance relationships don’t work, but I’m hoping, praying, and trying my best that this one would.

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