LOL! Watch this cute lola bless each Mexican player in the World Cup through her TV!

There are prayers and then there are prayers.

We’ve all prayed for our favorite teams before. Of course, we have. It’s a familiar hope that ignites in us and makes us excited for our players and hope for that win. There are those who also like to take the lovely extra step.

This abuela absolutely stole our hearts by giving her blessing to each Mexican player as they were featured on the screen. Shout-out to that player who got triple-blessed by abuela. That was adorable. My heart kind of did a flip (it already does that normally when I watch football but this was different).

Check out the video here:

Congratulations again, Mexico! This is definitely why the team grabbed that glorious win. It was such a joy to watch, just as abuela was. We hope for the best this World Cup season!

What did you think of the video? Let us know!

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