LOL: This student printed his name on yellow pad to lessen give aways to classmates!

When a teacher asks you to take out a sheet of pad paper before a pop quiz or a seatwork, isn’t this line — “PAHINGI PAD PAPER!!!! (Can I have some pad paper?!?!) oh too familiar as a student, particularly during your elementary and high school days? Yes, we may tend to plead guilty of asking a seatmate or the responsible student in the room to hand you a sheet every single time. (I, myself, included.)

John Cyril F. Ambrocio, a grade 12 STEM (senior high school) student, got fed up with his classmates asking for pad paper from him when needed by the teacher for academic-related activities in the classroom, so he decided to print his name and section on the upper corners of the sheets so that they will no longer from him. Too hilarious!

The post roughly translates:

“I printed my name in my yellow pad (sheets) so that no one can ask from me. *I think in advance. #selfishness101” 

Hindi naman sa pagdadamot, pero I just realized na wala pang one month, paubos na agad yellow pad ko jusko. At first, isusulat ko lang dapat yung pangalan ko sa lahat ng page kaso tinamad ako. Naisip ko na may printer nga pala, kaya ayun. I tried kung gagana ba sya if magprint ako sa yellow pad. Then ayun nga, it worked, HAHA! Kakatuwa ba na gumana kase kahit papaano, hindi na agad ako mauubusan. Ohaaa!! Pero sa papel lang naman ako nagdadamot HAHAHAHA. Wala kase sila sa budget ng mama ko.

Screen Shot 2018 06 25 at 9.22.05 PM

Rough translation:

It’s not that I’m being selfish, but I just realized that it hasn’t been a month and I only have a few sheets of yellow pad left. At first, I was supposed to write my complete name on all pages but I got lazy. I figured that the printer could do the work, so there. I tried if it (my name) would print successfully on the yellow pad. And there, it worked, HAHA! I find it funny that it worked because somehow, the supply wouldn’t run out fast. OHA! I’m only thrifty when it comes to paper, HAHAHAHA. (My classmates) don’t have the budget of my mom.

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