LOL: This “jogging” pig in Davao will make your day!

What may seem like a normal summer day in the Philippines is about to get quite interesting.

IMAGINE THIS: You wake up. You acknowledge the blazing heat. You go and take a shower, prepare yourself for the day, eat breakfast (or maybe brunch), then head out — basically, you’re doing your daily routine. You decide to hail a cab. You check the traffic app and estimate your ETA. You hit the road. Maybe you try to nap, converse with the cab driver, acknowledge the road traffic or maybe notice passers-by along the route you’re taking.

Luckily, for the case of Juanito Acedillo Chong Jr., his afternoon was definitely one of a kind – he spotted a “jogging” pig on the public road in Davao City!

Luckily, the cars in the video were alert enough to stay in their lane and not run the poor pig over!

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Disclaimer: does not own the video. Credits go to Juanito Acedillo Chong Jr.