LOL: This guy got the biggest shock when he went to work this morning!

LOL, what a way to start the morning, right? What would you do if you saw this before you jumpstart a productive day?

A Twitter user shared how he got an early morning surprise when he came to work.


He shares to WHEN IN MANILA further details.

I got to work early and I was the only one here in the lab. I pass by that section to get to mine. When I turned, I got shocked because there’s a photo of this spooky lady right there.

There’s actually a second scary pic inside the laboratory but I didn’t take photo anymore since it was INSIDE the lab, HAHAHA! But it was wearing a lab gown too, so at first glance, I thought it was a ghost.

He tells WHEN IN MANILA that this is why fun is being shared amongst his colleagues in the lab.

“Ganito talaga magbiruan mga tao dito,” he laughs.

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