LOL! South Korean players exchanged shirts during training to fool Team Sweden at the World Cup!

Using anything and everything to your advantage is a great tactic for any competition. Especially the World Cup!

Russia 2018 has kicked off (heh, excuse the pun) and it’s been very exciting so far! There have been dramatic, come-from-behind wins and devastating losses. But every match, so far, has proven fantastic. My blood is pumping just thinking about it.

One of our closest neighbors, South Korea, is also there in Russia right now and we’re anxious about how they’ll fare in the tournament. We wonder what kind of aces they’ve got up their sleeves. After a few trainings and friendlies, we now know they do!

LOL! That’s pretty smart of them! Using that to their advantage seems like such a clever move. Best of luck, SoKor! We hope it’ll be a great match!

What do you think of the tactic they used? Let us know!


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