LOL: This Married Couple Shares Some Jokes They’ve Made Over the Years

Relationships can be hard, especially after as more and more years pass by.

The more time you spend with a person, the more you get to know them inside and out… corny jokes and all. :p

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Let’s face it: corniness seems to be in our Filipino genes, and this couple has completely embraced it by making memes of their everyday jokes. Fernando Mallari was awesome enough to share some of them with us. Check ’em out:

fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-12 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-11 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-10 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-9 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-8 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-7 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-6 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-5 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-4 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-3 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-2 fernando-mallari-married-couple-jokes-1

Which one’s your favorite? :p Got any corny jokes or memes of your own to share? 😀