LOL: Leo Messi Answers Rumors on “new car” Purchase

Can Lionel Messi get any funnier?

Apparently, there were rumors going around that Leo Messi won an “intense bidding war” with football rival  Cristiano Ronaldo over what reports say “the most expensive car in the world”.

The rumored car  was a rare 1957 Ferrari Spider, which has a going price of at least €32 million (That’s a looooot of money).

FerrariTa-da! This is the rumored rare car Messi “bought” in a bidding match

So, did Leo Messi really get into a heated battle for a cherry red Ferrari? Apparently it’s a no. But the Barcelona superstar did “buy” a new car, and he was even proud enough to post it on Instagram! Check it out!

Leo Messi

Haha! This is why we love you, Messi. Hope you take that car on a test drive soon.

Did you hear the rumors too? What did you think of it?


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