LOL: If PBA personalities were casts of “slam dunk”

I  know that we have a “Pinoy Sakuragi” in Marc Pingris already, but why stop there when we can find the entire slam dunk team in the PBA?

And that’s what the creative minds at Facebook fan page PBA vines did! check out their results:

10. Slamdunkpba (1)9.Slamdunkpba (2)8.Slamdunkpba (3)7.Slamdunkpba (4)6.
Slamdunkpba (5)5.Slamdunkpba (6)4.
Slamdunkpba (8)3.Slamdunkpba (10)2.Slamdunkpba (11)1.Slamdunkpba (7)

Maybe we can do a live-action Slam Dunk in the PBA next time!

What do you think? do they match each other perfectly?