LOL: Guy Who Has Never Seen ‘Game of Thrones’ Tries to Narrate an Episode and He is Shookt

Game of Thrones is the most popular show on television right now, and the internet turns into a whirlwind of reactions and endless theories each time a new episode airs. (And avoiding spoilers just get harder and harder each year, damn.)

Butgod bless these people—there still is a population of people who have got zero clue about the show and have not seen a single episode. Such is the case with a guy who goes by the name Steve, who uploaded a video on YouTube where he tries to narrate Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 3. Stave has no background whatsoever about Game of Thrones and aptly calls the lead characters Peter Dinklage, the bastard king, the Legolas queen, the short-haired queen, and the handsome guy in the armor. LOL.

In the end, he uncovers a ~plot twist~ that leaves him a bit shookt (hint: it involves Cersei and Jaime), and we are here for it. Watch his hilarious narration below:

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