A location-based Stranger Things mobile game is in the works!

If you loved Pokémon Go, you’re probably going to love this recent development in the gaming world. At E3 2019, Next Games announced that they are developing a game based on the hit series Stranger Things.

Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen said in a press release that they are big fans of the show and are excited to work with them in bringing it to life in the form of a mobile game. He said that it would play on the show’s already existing themes of friendship and supernatural adventure, but in bite-sized amounts that you can carry on your phone.

Next Games are also behind the location-based game The Walking Dead: Our World, so they’re no strangers to the format.

They revealed that the game will be made in the style of an ’80s cartoon. The game developer is yet to announce release dates, but news about it should be coming out in the following weeks. In the meantime, the third season of Stranger Things is coming out on July 4!

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What are you hoping to explore in the Upside Down?


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