15 Online Shops To Get Reusable Nippie Covers From When You Want to Free Your “Twins”

Once you start wearing nipple tapes and boob covers, you’ll never want to go back to wearing bras. I mean this with all honesty; never have my “twins” felt freer than when they’re constricted by pads and straps. Wearing nipple covers has completely eliminated my tendency to worry about whether my bra is showing with my chosen outfit for the day or how long I’m making delivery guys wait outside my house while I scramble to cover myself up. You just paste these babies on and you’re good to go!

If you’re ready to experience this life-changing item, here are 15 online shops on Shopee to buy them from.

taped ph


Taped Nipple Covers are self-adhesive, washable, reusable, ultra-thin, and kind on your skin! There are four variants available depending on your skin tone: Vanilla (for white skin), Latte (for light to fair skin), Mocha (for morena skin), and Espresso (for deep complexions).

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breast friend manila

Breast Friend

Breast Friend’s nipple covers will definitely become your best friend! These medical-grade silicone tapes are seamless, waterproof and sweatproof, and really lightweight when worn that you won’t even know that they’re there. When properly stored and cared for, these nipple covers can last for 3 to 5 months.

Three shades are available: Creamy, Latte, and Double Shot.

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prive fashion tape

Prive Fashion Tape

Prive Fashion Tape’s Seamless Nipple Covers feature ultra-thin edges, making them blend seamlessly into your skin. It’s also got a matte finish so you don’t have to worry about the material getting ruined by water or sweat. Choose from the following colors: Light, Cream, Ivory, Brown, or Choco.

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fitz nippzie ph

Fitz Nippzie

Fitz Nippzie’s high-quality nipple covers are among the more affordable ones in the market right now. Get this hypoallergenic, one-size-fits-all cover in your shade of choice: Cloe (for pale skin), Jade (for light to fair skin), Yasmin (for morena skin), or Sasha (for deep complexions).

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peachy keen

Peachy Keen

With Peachy Keen, you can “live your breast life” with their lightweight and comfortable nipple covers. Each pair can be used up to 30 times and easily stored in their ziplock bags in the meantime. Peachy Keen’s covers are also very affordable compared to the others in the market so if you want a lot of bang for your buck, this is a great option to have! Choose from three available colors: Cream, Coffee, and Milk.

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bleum covers

Bleum Covers

Bleum Covers silicone nipple pasties blend so seamlessly into your skin that you wouldn’t even notice that they’re there! They stick firmly on your breasts too and can withstand water or sweat so you can enjoy your daily exercise or weekend trip to the beach with them. They come in three colors: Bone (for pale skin), Sand (for light to fair skin tones), and Clay (for darker skin tones).

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miss tits ph

Miss Tits

Miss Tits Skinvisible Nipple Covers are not only comfortable to wear but they’re designed to last for a looong time (up to 100+ reuses, in fact)! These pasties will make you love going braless every day. You can choose among its four colors: Ivory (for pale skin), Nude (for light to fair skin), Honey (for morena skin), and Tan (for darker skin).

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Braboom’s seamless nipple covers are made out of 100% premium medical-grade silicone that is safe for all skin types. It’s thin and lightweight with a matte texture that is designed to fit seamlessly like a second skin! What customers love the most about Braboom’s pasties is that the covers are notably opaque in the center, which is suitable for Filipinas who naturally have dark nipples. You can confidently wear any top you want with these covers, no matter how sheer the material is!

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wear soos

Wear Soos

Inside the beautiful rose gold zipper pouch are your two new breast friends: Wear Soos nipple covers! These covers feel lightweight and natural on the skin and are hypoallergenic too, made for long-term comfy wear. You can reuse each pair up to 30 times. Choose among the available shades: Skin, Warm, and Brown.

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Nippiepop is an ultimate fave among celebrities and influencers with good reason: they’re made with the highest quality of premium silicone material, are proven kind to sensitive skin, and are so paperweight that you won’t even feel that they’re there. Nippiepop’s BunnySkin pasties are especially loved for their breast lifting capabilities, giving you even more confidence to wear your chic and sexy outfits. There are four shades available: Vanilla, Honey, Coco, and Espresso.

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Nippzie’e reusable nipple covers are made from high-grade silicone with an outer matte finish and seamless edges. They’re super easy to wash and store inside their ziplock bags, ready for the next time you’ll want to use them! They only have two shades available: Nude (for light to fair skin tones) and Tan (for morena and darker skin).

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easy peasy

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy puts those with sensitive skin at the top of their minds with their seamless, ultra-thin, and long-lasting nipple covers that were made to be non-tugging on the skin and safe to use for hours. It only has one shade available so remember to check if it suits your skin tone first!

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naked pasties

Naked Pasties

Whether you’re too lazy to wear anything else under your top or you want to confidently rock your sexy top without worrying about your nipples or your bra from peeking through, Naked Pasties has the right nipple covers for you! These medical-grade silicone pasties have four shades available: Ivory, Sand, Sunkissed, and Maple.

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bare bosom

Bare Bosom

Bare Bosom not only advocates for freeing the boob with its high-quality and skin-friendly nipple covers, but it does so while ensuring it produces less to zero plastic waste. Each pair of nipple covers is packed in a recyclable container and then shipped with waste-free packaging. There are four shades for you to choose from too depending on your skin tone: Mushroom, Wheat, Tawny, and Lumber.

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Nipmate’s Seamless Nipple Covers gently adhere to your skin for a secure fit all day or all night, wherever you may go! They’re ultra-thin, waterproof, and safe to reuse up to 30 times. Choose from three shades: Fair, Warm, and Tan.

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