Local Fashion Brand Successfully Holds the World’s First Ever Couture Mask Fashion Show

Imagine a typical scene in the museum where onlookers surround a piece of art enclosed in a glass. Now imagine that piece of art on a runway. That’s exactly what happened in ÀMEN’s fashion show! The local Filipina-led fashion brand completely raised the bar and presented to the world a truly unique, one-of-a-kind fashion show!


ÀMEN officially makes history after successfully concluding the world’s first ever couture mask fashion show last November 12th 2021. It was broadcasted through a virtual room, composed mostly of influencers, celebrities, bloggers, and the media. The event was witnessed by the country’s favorite stars such as Meg Imperial, Sofia Pablo, Inah de Belen Estrada, Miriam Quiambao, Kim Cruz, Lexi Mendiola, Patricia Henson, Bea Fabregas, Janina Vela, and more! 


You can watch the full event video here too:

ÀMEN introduced their new collections through an ingenious runway concept inspired by bust sculptures from history – their models enclosed in glass with only their heads seen. This allowed us to focus on the intricacies of their pieces: from the embroidery to the overall elegant designs, further exemplified by beautiful headpieces. Each of the models wore different masks, bearing different stories, bringing forth ÀMEN’s vision of women progressing from point A to point B. 

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The show told the stories of women from all around the world who have walked before us and with, that have gone through obstacles and limitations in their lives yet emerged victorious. Each of their mask designs were inspired by these influential individuals, through the grace of God. 


Joyce Pring, Joy Mendoza and Janeena Chan who also had masks named after them, graced us with their presence and shared their own stories of struggling, accepting and moving their lives from point A to point B. Janeena Chan first talked about her experience of being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy – a nervous condition that paralyzes the face, how she went through it and what she learned from it. “It was a test of faith in all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally stressful.” Janeena made sure to still regularly go to mass and listen to God’s word as she went through rehab and recovery. She shared that through this experience, she learned to enjoy life and not solely focus on reaching your standards. “Laban pa rin but you can do it happily. You can find joy in the simplest things… Keep the faith always.”

Joyce Pring talked about her journey through life: achieving success, having depression and anxiety, and standing up again after falling down seven times in God’s grace.  She shared that the first step was understanding that her depression was rooted not just from the trauma she experienced but also from the feeling of hopelessness and purposelessness. Once she seeked a relationship with God, she was able to go through her transformation story. “If you’re going through this, know that it’s an ongoing process. Life is not made up of just events. It’s made up of seasons and processes that you really have to go through… Even in seasons of depression, I know where my hope is founded and grounded.”


Lastly, Joy Mendoza shared her story of being a victim of rape when she was young, how she healed and moved forward after that and how she found it in her to forgive them. She says that forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves and it’s part of the road to healing. “I think it was just that consciousness that I am not actually better than the men who did those things to me in comparison to God, right? And that humbled me to the point that I could say ‘You know, if I was forgiven, then I should be able to forgive also.” Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what they did was okay, rather it’s a statement to say that you choose to be okay, for you and not anyone else. 

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ÀMEN introduced 21 intricately embellished, head-turner designs that celebrate the stories of these strong-willed, intelligent women. They also launched their first prete-a-porter mask, the first non-embellished mask from their line, making 22 equally-amazing designs in total.


ÀMEN masks are made with intricate and high-quality craftsmanship, no two masks will be exactly the same. Each comes with premium nude adjustable straps, a structured silhouette and wire contours that allow for a perfect fit. The pieces have passed the 4 Crucial Safety Test and each purchase comes with 10 PureMASQ filter sheets and a silk ÀMEN dust bag for added protection and storage.

The ÀMEN Couture Mask Spring 2022 collections are now available at www.amen.com.ph, LazMall, and Zalora Philippines. For more information, please visit ÀMEN’s official website, official Facebook and Instagram accounts.