10 Gourmet Bottled Goods, Spreads, and Sauces We Can’t Get Enough Of

Many (if not all) of us are cooking at home now, what with our restricted capacity to dine out. But let’s face it—not everyone is gifted in the kitchen, no matter how hard we try! And even if you were someone who loves to cook, sometimes, it’s nice to just kick back and not pour all our energy into preparing a nice meal at home.

Thankfully, no matter the reason, cooking restaurant-level, gourmet dishes at home is now so easy, with the help of local brands that offer homemade gourmet bottled goods! These are brands by individuals and families that have their own special recipe that’s so good they knew it just had to be shared. All ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat, all you need to do is pour, heat, and enjoy.

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Saucin’ n Spreadin’

Saucin' N' Speadin' Gourmet Spreads and Sauces Bottled Goods

Image: Saucin’ n’ Spreadin’

If you’re tired of the usual, same-old spreads, you’ll be very happy to know that gourmet and unique spreads exist, c/o of Saucin’ n Spreadin’. The brand is fairly new, only established during the quarantine, but their products have already captured people’s hearts. Try Garlickin’ Overload (P345), a roasted garlic butter spread that’s just oh-so-good on toast and even meat. (Yes, we’ve tried cooking chicken with this butter spread, and it was amazing.) Another stand-out is the Drunken Shrooms (P490), made of mixed mushroom with anchovies, drunken in wine, and blended oils. A perfect appetizer or add-on to your pasta. We’re also loving the Sexy Bacon (P490), a sweet, savory, and smokey bacon spread; and Honey I’m Home (P250), a honey garlic sauce that can be used as a marinade or to pour directly over your rice meals, ulam, fried meats, and more.

They brand shares they’ve been getting really good feedback from customers so far, and we can attest that Saucin’ n Spreadin’ is indeed v ~saucy~.

Facebook and Instagram: @saucinnspreadin
Delivers to: Anywhere within Metro Manila; pick-up point also available in Quezon City

Laging Sariwa PH

Laging Sariwa PH Gourmet Mussels Aligue Crab Fat Paste Bottled Goods

Image: Laging Sariwa PH

My seafood-loving friends, Laging Sariwa PH has the bottled goods you will love. First off is their Gourmet Mussels (P190/bottle), available in four super delicious flavors—Butter Garlic, Adobo, Sweet & Spicy, and Hot & Spicy. You can use this to mix in with other dishes, like toppings for your pasta, or you can just pour it directly on top of a steaming bowl of rice, and voila. Instant gourmet seafood meal. Also available at Laging Sariwa PH is another Pinoy favorite—aligue. Their Purong Aligue (P270/bottle) is purong sarap. “Purong aligue” or pure crab paste is a great side dish or sauce to complement other dishes, but honestly, it’s just so good to eat on its own, too. Just eat it with some rice! Other Laging Sariwa PH specials are Salted Egg Paste (P200/bottle), Chili Garlic (P240/bottle), and Acharang Ampalaya (P120/bottle).

Facebook and Instagram: @LagingSariwaPH
Delivers to: Within Metro Manila

Sili ni Santie

Sili ni Santie Chili Oil Chili Garlic Bottled Goods

Image: WhenInManila.com

Chili, garlic, oil. It may sound simple, but Sili ni Santie makes the classic chili garlic oil combo feel so gourmet not just with the quality packaging, but because you feel quality in the taste, too. Plus, healthy-eaters would be glad to know that Sili ni Santie products are vegetarian and keto-friendly.

Sili ni Santie offers two lines of chili products: Chili Garlic Oil (P100 and P190 depending on size) and Chili Oil (P80/bottle). But our favorite part of all this is that both variants come in four levels of spice—Mild, Spicy, Hot, and Hell—so you can choose your poison depending on what you’re eating or simply your mood. We love that you have that option, so we’ve made sure to have a stock of each because meals are just a little bit more exciting with a little kick! Plus, Sili ni Santie products can last up to two years, without the need to refrigerate.

Instagram: @SiliNiSantie
Delivers to: Within Metro Manila

Atchara House

Atchara House Bottled Goods

Image: WhenInManila.com

Atchara House was born out of one family’s love for the classic Filipino side dish—atchara. They shared that the dish that has been a constant part of their family’s menu for decades, and so when the need for an extra source of income arose because of the quarantine, they decided to capitalize on what they love. Thus, Atchara House was born.

Atchara House’s signature product boasts of a perfect sweet and sour blend. It is the ideal pairing for the Pinoy favorite silogs, and other classic dishes. The brand is also advocacy-oriented, as for every bottle of Atchara House product sold, a portion goes to the organization Bata.ph. Truly, this is a product made with love. A bottle of their Atchara costs P160 at 500 grams, but you should also try their Bagoong, at P140 for 250 grams. Atchara House also shares that they are looking to expand and offer more products soon.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MyAtcharaHouse
Instagram: @AtcharaHouse
Delivers to: Nationwide

Burgos Homemade

Burgos Homemade Pesto Pasta Sauce White Truffle Sauce Bottled Goods

Image: Burgos Homemade

If you want to feel like a fancy chef, Burgos Homemade offers an easy shortcut with their gourmet sauces. For pesto lovers, you can try their Creamy Pesto Sauce (P250/P500 depending on size) either on your homemade pizza (pesto pizza omg), pasta, toast, etc. And for truffle lovers, you will surely go crazy for their White Truffle Sauce (P250/P500 depending on size) that will instantly make pasta night at home extra special.

Burgos Homemade products are preservative-free, meaning they’re freshly made before sealed into the bottle. And what we love about these is that they’re so easy to use. They’re ready-to-eat, so just pour the sauces from their bottles, heat them up, and they’re good to go.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/burgoshomemade
Instagram: @burgoshomemade

Lili’s Deli

Lili's Deli Bottled Goods Alamang

Image: Lili’s Deli

Lili’s Deli is one young entrepreneur’s homage to his lola, Lily, who used to sell her original recipe alamang back in the 70s, much to the delight of her very satisfied customers. Now, her grandson has brought the original recipe back to share the same joy his lola’s alamang brought to people’s lives then.

What sets Lili’s Deli’s Alamang (P180) is simple the quality and flavor. The brand expressed that, at Lili’s Deli, they are committed to producing the highest-quality possible of their homemade gourmet products. Their aim, they shared, is that their products would remind anyone who gets a taste of them, just how good authentic Filipino food is. And that purpose is served with each bite of Lili’s Alamang, especially when paired with classic Filipino favorites like manggang hilaw, kare-kare, or as a dip for steamed or fried vegetables like okra, eggplant, or tomatoes. The brand even recommends pairing their alamang with sinigang which, even though is uncommon, they assure is a match made in heaven.

Aside from Lili’s Alamang, Lili’s Deli also offers Lili’s Tinapa (P180), Lili’s Special Tuyo (P240), and Lili’s Laing (P180).

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lilisdeliph
Instagram: @lilisdeliph
Delivers to: Antipolo City, Quezon City, Cainta, Pasig City, and Taguig City. Deliveries to the South is also possible upon request.

Momshie Gina’s

Momshie Gina's Chili Garlic Oil Bottled Goods

Image: Momshie Gina’s

Momshie Gina’s specialty is their all-natural chili garlic paste that’s a good complement on various dishes for people who love the spice. The brand explains that what sets their product apart from other chili garlic products is its perfect balance between the spice and the garlic—a taste, they say, that is irresistible to their regular customers. They also assure their customers that their jars are well sealed and sanitized, which guarantees safety.

Momshie Gina’s Chili Garlic Paste is homemade, developed from a original recipe by Gina herself. Momshie Gina’s is more than just a business; it’s a product of hope. It was born of Gina’s need to find alternative ways to earn money for medical expenses as she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. So if you are a chili garlic enthusiast, know that every bottle you purchase from Momshie Gina’s also helps save someone’s life.

Momshie Gina’s Chili Garlic Paste comes in two sizes: Small, at P80, and big at P180.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/momshieginaschiligarlic
Instagram: @momshiegina
Delivers to: Cavite, Metro Manila, Greater Metro Manila. Free deliveries within Bacoor, Cavite

Hummingbird Spreads

Image: Hummingbird Spreads

Hummingbird Spreads takes pride in the fact that they only use the freshest ingredients in every jar of spread, jam, or marmalade that they make. They take advantage of the abundance of fresh ingredients that we have around and transform these raw materials into delicious jams. They believe that the secret to making great food products are just two things— having good ingredients and highlighting its natural flavors in new and fun ways.

All their products are carefully crafted to bring amazing flavors and classic favorites that everyone will definitely enjoy. Some variants you can choose from are Apple Cinnamon Jam, Banana Langka Spread, Calamansi Marmalade, Dalandan Marmalade, Kiwi Jam, Mango Jam, Orange Marmalade, and Watermelon Jam.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hummingbirdspreads
Instagram: @hummingbirdspreads

Mo Bros Kitchen

Mo Bros Kitchen Pesto Sauce Pasta Bottled Goods

Image: Mo Bros Kitchen

Mo Bros Kitchen carries, among other things, a homemade pesto jar that they assure can take any dish to the next level with the texture and taste it offers. Packaged in a 320 gram jar, Mo Bros Kitchen’s Homemade Pesto (P220) is filled with a delicious mix of fresh herbs, garlic, nuts, and quality olive oil all of which, combined, can elevate anyone’s home-cooked dishes. This pesto sauce is not just for pasta—you can use it as a spread, marinade, dressing, sauce, dip, etc.

Aside from their Homemade Pesto, Mo Bros Kitchen also offers a Bacolod-style Chorizo Pudpud (P250) that is not only perfect for a big, hearty breakfast but for gourmet snacks as well.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mobroskitchen
Instagram: @mobroskitchen


Yoyows Bottled Seafood Pasta Bottled Goods

Image: Yoyows

Calling all seafood pasta lovers—Yoyows, which is known for their Crispy Bagnet, now also offers a Seafood Pasta Sauce (P300) that is sure to satiate any seafood lover’s craving for good seafood. In this time of quarantine when resources and ingredients are not always the most accessible, it’s a joy to discover that there are places like Yoyows that offer the complete package without any hassle. Just place the order on their site, and your delicious seafood pasta sauce will arrive right on your doorstep.

What we love about Yoyows Seafood Pasta Sauce is that it’s truly creamy and full. Unlike in some restaurants or seafood pasta sauces, Yoyow’s does not scrimp on its ingredients, most especially the best part—the seafood. With Yoyow’s, you can be rest assured that you get your money’s worth, and that your family will be enjoying a delicious meal that’s so easy to make. Just pour over your pasta, heat, and voila. A good meal for the whole family.

Website: www.yoyows.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Yoyows

Know of any more bottles goodies we should know of? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below, and we might include them in our next article!

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