Local Brand Woo is All About Empowering Women Through Fashion and Beyond

You can never bring an empowered #Wooman down. Not when she’s dressed in her power suit, not when she’s wearing her favorite bold red lipstick, and most especially not when she’s unapologetically being her passionate self. No, you just can’t.

Wear Woo 1Image: @wear.woo

When you hear the words “empowered woman,” what picture does it paint in your mind? Some picture a woman donned in her little black dress, some picture a woman in her powerful hijab, and some picture a woman in her favorite rugged jeans and shirt.

Indeed, “power” comes in all forms and sizes. There’s no one definition that can describe it fully. But one thing’s certain—an empowered woman is always confident in her own skin.

What’s Woo?

WOO 1 d6ee0b94 89ad 4249 93afImage: @wear.woo

Launching a clothing line in the middle of a global pandemic is an intimidating feat to many. But not for the badass founders of Woo. In true tough lady fashion, Woo’s all-women founders decided that nothing, not even a global pandemic, can stand in their way from making their passion project a reality.

In an absolute lady boss move, they’ve decided to launch the brand last October 30, 2020. From there, they’ve managed to build their own name in the fashion industry. Now, Woo is one of the go-to brands of empowered #Woomen in the country.

So, Why Wear Woo?

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Woo firmly believes that all women should be able to wear anything that makes them feel confident, whenever and wherever. That’s why the brand made it their ultimate goal to make empowering fashion accessible to all. In fact, they even offer a Buy Now, Pay Later payment term. This does not only make shopping less stressful, but flexible as well.

Indeed, online shopping can sometimes be daunting. It’s challenging enough that you can’t see and feel the clothing material personally, but try adding sizing problems into the mix and you’ve got yourself a big headache.

Fortunately for all certified #Woomen out there, they don’t have to worry about either of those. Woo offers hassle-free returns in case you got the wrong size (just make sure to keep the tag intact!). They also indicate the type of material used in their products so you won’t be kept in the dark. Talk about awesome customer service!

With their sleek and trendy selections, Woo is like the fairy godmother you’ve always dreamt of. From chic to formal to daring to modest, Woo has got one for your every fashion mood. Here’s a sneak peek at some of their all-time bestsellers:

Woo Bestsellers

Janina Dress

CarrieBlue1 1e8381ae c55e 4141 9f97Image: @wear.woo

Show off your sun-kissed tones with tie-up straps and sexy slit. Definitely a must-have outfit-of-the-day!

Averie Top

Image: @wear.woo

Going for a charming look? Irresistible and dramatic in your most elegant choice of top, Averie lets you enjoy the combination of trendy and classy.

Sabina Jumpsuit

Image: @wear.woo

The all-time favorite jumpsuit. Comfortable and stylish, you can never go wrong with your best pair of jumpsuits. From comfy shoes to stilettos, you can mix and match your style for your mood of the day. The Sabina Jumpsuit will surely be your favorite purchase of the year.

Stephanie Dress

8V0A6149Image: @wear.woo

Go for that sweet chic look with the Stephanie Dress. It features an adorable back tie, stylish puff sleeves, and has a fitted build. It’s the perfect dress for your chill holidates.

Impressed with their powerful and fashionable collection? Follow them on Instagram @wear.woo or visit their website at www.wearwoo.co. Find the trendiest styles of bags, tops, bottoms, dresses, and more! Who knows? You might even be chosen as their Brand Ambassador!