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At age 32, you can say that Filipino-Chinese businessman Lloyd Lee has it all: a successful business in the textile industry, a beauty queen fiancée (Shamcey Supsup), and a budding modeling career.

But for him, making sure he looks his best all the time isn’t just for the photo shoots or his upcoming wedding; it’s because he believes that looking presentable will get you far in your career and will help you build good relationships with people. “Always looking your best will help you get far in the business. If you look presentable, respect automatically comes with it. When you’re trying to get a client, you don’t just present your product, you present the whole package and that includes you. Sabi nga, it’s not just building the business, it’s building the relationship. And if gusto mo long-term ang negosyo mo, kailangan pati ikaw kagusto-gusto,” Lloyd says.

Lloyd Lee for For Men

But before Lloyd started looking the part of a handsome businessman, he struggled with weight problems, too.

Mataba ako nung younger days ko. From when I was 10 up to my early teens, nagwala weight ko ‘non. When I reached college, I did martial arts and went to the gym, so my weight stabilized a bit. If I hadn’t been active, I would’ve been heavier. I eat a lot kasi. I can eat 9 to 11 cups of rice in one meal. Ganon kalaki yung capacity ng tiyan ko.”

He managed to maintain his weight by doing cardio and working out at the gym until he met Shamcey two and a half years ago. “Nawala lang yung na-maintain ko nung nagkakilala kami ni Shamcey. Kasi bukod sa I spend more time with her na instead of going to the gym, we eat a lot. Every 2 hours gutom siya. Kung three times a day ako kumakain before kami nagkakilala na same amount, ngayon 5 to 6 times ako kumain pero same amount din. Hindi ko binawasan kasi sanay ako kumain ng ganon karami,” adds Lloyd, “first two years of our relationship, wala na akong exercise. Buti na lang dumating ang FOR MEN!”

He tried doing cardio workouts again to lose the ‘love’ pounds but it wasn’t as effective anymore, “in my 20’s, ang dali mag lose ng weight, nung nagkakilala kami ni Sham, I was 30 already. And then 2 years into the relationship, I gained fats in my midsection and flanks. Kahit na binalik ko yung treadmill, hindi siya ganon ka responsive. Naiiwan talaga yung fats sa stomach area.”

So that’s when FOR MEN came in and did the weight loss work for him.

“With FOR MEN, rested na yung knees ko. Kasi ang tama ng cardio sa knees. Before, there was a time when I needed to stop doing cardio for a month because I’ve been told I could get a knee injury if I didn’t stop running on the treadmill. I didn’t want to damage my knees, so I stopped,” says Lloyd.

He owes a big thanks to FOR MEN for helping him achieve the impossible, “without FOR MEN, it would be impossible to achieve fat loss in my midsection. I know because I’ve tried working out and it didn’t work out. I’m so glad FOR MEN’s treatments can really target fats in specific areas. Spot reduction talaga, which is great!”

“If you want to look your best, you go to the best, and that’s FOR MEN. Impressed ako sa technology nila, up-to-date talaga. Inaalam talaga nila ano yung pinaka bago and pinaka effective na machine out there to cater to men’s needs. Gym kasi mas matagal, kung talagang gusto mong makuha yung contour na gusto mo, 2 hours isn’t enough. At least 3 hours dapat. Kung medjo nagmamadali ka na, and when you’re in a relationship and would rather spend time with that someone rather than be at the gym… It’s not going to work. Sa FOR MEN, 1 hour lang kasi pwede na. Maximum 2 hours if you want to do more. And you get the effect of doing sit-ups and you lose fat… You can’t argue with that.”

Aside from his weight-loss program, Lloyd is also going to start his skincare program at FOR MEN. Because as he says, if you want to look your best, you go to the best – and for him, it’s FOR MEN.

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