Lizzie McGuire’s Brother and Mom’s Reunion Brings Us All the Feels

Raise your hand if you grew up obsessed with the TV show on Disney Channel ‘Lizzie McGuire’… and the movie!!! We can’t forget the movie, of course! Well, we just came across a photo that totally brought back some amazing memories.

Lizzie’s annoying little brother Matt (actor Jake Thomas) and her mom Jo (actress Hallie Todd) took a photo earlier this week during a screening of ‘The Last Champion’, which starred (and was co-written) by Hallie Todd. Jake shared their photo together on Instagram with the caption, “My TV mom! So proud of Hallie Todd and her family for the fantastic film that they put together!”

What’s not to love about this photo? It has been 14 whole years since we watched the final episode of ‘Lizzie McGuire’ on the Disney Channel (we can’t believe it’s been that long!)

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We live for reunions like this. Hopefully, they can get more of the cast members together next time! Fingers crossed!