Liza Soberano Celebrates National Doodling Day!

Written by Geraldine Grace Hoggang (@geraldinegrace.hoggang)
Photos by Raffy Tanada

If you love art, doodles, and Liza then you should have been at Titus Pens’ National Doodling Day celebration. If you weren’t, here were the awesome things that you just missed!

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1 Liza Titus Pens

“What I like also about Titus is how they put together these events to be able to give a platform to aspiring artists, to be able to show their talents and for them to be able to get the courage to conquer their dreams and everything”
Liza Soberano.

Different doodlers, artists, and art enthusiasts came together last February 17th at the Trinoma activity center to celebrate Titus Pens’ National Doodling Day, along with Liza who was happy to see the youth doing something to reach their dreams.

Fans even had the opportunity to meet and greet her!

2 Liza meet and greet

But Liza was not the only great thing that happened in the celebration.

Art Booths, Pen Buffets, and Doodle Challenges

These are not your ordinary art booths. Each booth features Calligraphy, Manga, Poster Making, and Basic Doodling where anyone with active imaginationexpert or amateur, young or oldcould draw.

3 Art Booth

And there was even a competition for doodlers!

4 Doodlers Competition

Artists also doodled with Liza’s portraits to give her a more fun, doodle-y, and imaginative make over!

5 Doodle Liza

Fashion show and art auction

Yes, there was a fashion show. And guess how the clothes of the models were designed? From doodles using Titus Pens! And what act could be more beautiful with a heart? Different artworks were auctioned and the money will proceed to Project PEARLS, an NGO that feeds and sends children of Tondo to school!

7 Fashion show

8 Auction

Plus, as a way of saying thank you, these children made the audience smile by performing an adorable dance number!

9 Kids Dance

National Doodling Day

Whether you  missed the event this year or whether you’ve attended and enjoyed it as much as I did, you should watch out for Titus Pens’ next National Doodling Day where you join in the celebration of creativity and art for a cause!