Living Life On-The-Go? This Is How You Can Experience Convenience Everywhere and Live a Smart Life

It’s tough and challenging living life on the go. The constant move from one place to another sometimes hinders you to accomplish things. Good thing, there are modern innovations especially those that you can access with Smart, which can help you out and give you convenience everywhere. These modern conveniences can help you enjoy live your life with total ease.

To start off, here are several apps and platforms that can give you convenience everywhere and let your live a Smart life when you use them.



Need to go from one place to another and hailing a cab is tough? Uber can transport you to anywhere you need to go and it does so in style. Only the newest cars are part of the Uber network so you can be sure to ride one that is reliable. Want to go all out? Try Uber Black.

Personally, Uber is really super convenient. I have been using it for quite some time especially when I need to go from home to the airport and vice-versa. It really is convenient especially since the car picks me up at home, no need to walk far to go outside the village just to personally hail a cab. Also, it is really great that payments are done via credit card. No need to bring cash. Now, that’s how you live a #SmartLife.


Waze - app

Driving around the city is tough. With the traffic, road re-blocking activities, and unfamiliar routes, the drive can delay you and stress you out. Good thing, you can use Waze now. Waze lets you see the optimal route to go to your destination. Turn it on while driving and it will give you turn-by-turn directions until you reach your destination.

As someone who drives around the city, I find Waze extremely useful. The best routes it gives are more often than not accurate. Also, exploring places that I am not familiar without having the fear of getting lost is now possible, thanks to this app.

MMDA app


To know the traffic situation on major highways in the metro, MMDA app is your best bet. It shows how light or heavy traffic is along EDSA, C5, and other highways so you can plan ahead. The app is updated frequently so you can be sure that it shows the latest traffic situation when you use it.

Since I frequently traverse C5, I always use this app to know how good (or bad) the traffic situation is. This helps me decide whether I should already drive or wait for a while until the traffic has somewhat subsided.



An up-to-date online yellow pages of the metro with listings of daily events happening all over the country. It also shows movie and TV guides in case you want to stay at home and just binge-watch.



If you want to discover, hotels, bars, or just any new hangout spots in the city, then you better check out looloo. You can read reviews of other users who have personally tried these places so you can be sure which ones are really good and which ones are not. Moreover, you can follow, recommend, and credit other people who have made new discoveries.

If it’s my first time to go to a certain place, it is for certain that I’d check looloo first before deciding where to dine, stay, or just hangout with friends. So far, it has helped me make great choices!

Searching for a new job using Smart has never been easier, thanks to Looking for better opportunities to advance your corporate life or you simply want to change careers, then the best place to do so online is through It has a comprehensive listing of available jobs in the country and the list is updated regularly. You can also find tips and tricks regarding career and employment on this site.


Food Panda

Order food at your utmost convenience and have it delivered right at your door step using Food Panda. This online food ordering marketplace lets your order food from over thousands of restaurants in the country. You might even be lucky to chance upon discount vouchers on this app.

Friend Trip

Powered by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Friend Trip is an app that lets you carpool with your friends to help reduce traffic in the metro. It lets you schedule trips with your peers, join trips they schedule, and record all trips. Safety is key therefore you can only offer and join trips with your friends.



Turn your smartphone into a credit card with Charge2Phone. This is the country’s first first sticker-based NFC contactless payment solution that truly brings modern convenience in your daily payment process. With Smart and Charge2Phone, simply stick the sticker on your phone, tap your phone on a terminal, and shop at your convenience. For more info, get it here.

What other apps and platforms do you use to experience convenience everywhere?

Share them with us!

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