Live painting, music, and Greek gods all at SWITCH!

Article by Camille Ong

Switch! at Persephone – A Seasonal Kitchen was the second time Lee Caces, Kara Pangilinan, and Jappy Agoncillo got together to make live art. When I first heard about it, I assumed they were going to do their own thing, finish one painting each, and then call it a night. I should’ve known from the name of the event that they were going to combine their artistic styles to make a collaborative project. I only realized this when I saw them switch places to work on all three canvases!

The last time they collaborated like this was very spontaneous. They didn’t plan on what to paint so they did it on the spot. This time though, they decided on a theme and talked about how they would work on it. The theme, by the way, is inspired by Persephone – A Seasonal Kitchen. Can you guess what it is?

Out of the three of them, Lee’s was the colorful one. You could really see how his style brought a pop of color to the paintings.

Kara, a pen and ink artist, focused on small details. The careful curves and lines on the canvas are all hers. It’s amazing how she keeps the lines so straight and clean.

Jappy’s style reminded me of comic art. Watching him paint the gods was fascinating because of how fast he worked.

While the three were doing their paintings, there were performances. One of the performers, Bea Lorenzo, sang while playing the kalimba. Her voice combined with the African thumb piano was mesmerizing, reminiscent of lullabies.

Bea Lorenzo

Extrapolation, on the other hand, was quite lively with their jazz music. You’ll find it hard not to bob your head to their beat.


Other performances include Coeli, Kidthrones, and Lui!

As the artists were finishing up, Reef gave away freebies through their raffle. They gave away tickets for their Reef Free The Sea 3 in La Union plus some of their products.

With Lee, Jappy, and Kara’s artistic styles combined, they finished the paintings of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.

You could really see their distinct styles. They each brought something different and new to the paintings as they switched places throughout the night. This was the first time I saw artists finish a work of theirs in one go so Switch was a fascinating event for me!

Lee Caces, Kara Pangilinan, Jappy Agoncillo

Check out more of their works on their Instagram:

Lee: @leecaces

Kara: @detailsink

Jappy: @jappylemon

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Persephone – A Seasonal Kitchen

Address: 120 Jupiter, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila


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