Live 2 Lead: International Speakers Including John Maxwell Inspire Thousands Worldwide

Several weeks ago, John Maxwell along with 3 other speakers held an event called Live 2 Lead. The seminar was held in the USA but had a live telecast all over the world, including the Philippines. I was one of the lucky attendees who got to hear John Maxwell, Valerie Burton, Pat Lencioni and Kevin Turner share a variety of tips not only about being an intentional leader, but tips that will help me become a better person in general.

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The event was hosted by Coach Clarissa Calingasan and Ken Lizardo and immediately took off with a short talk from Patrick Lencioni. It was a full day event filled with new learning and discovery that 1 blog post wouldn’t be enough to share everything. However, let me share a few memorable quotes that stuck with me from the seminar.

“The kind of trust companies need is VULNERABILITY trust.” – Patrick Lencioni

For any relationship to survive, whether among lovers, friends or at work, we all know trust plays a very important role. However, as shared by Patrick, it’s common for us to trust people only after they’ve proven themselves, or because they have a certain position. i.e. I trust you to complete this task because I know you are a responsible person, etc. Vulnerability trust on the other hand is the kind of trust that allows you to be open with your shortcomings and mistakes. i.e. I’m sorry I cannot do this because I do not know how, can you teach me?

For this kind of trust to succeed, the leader needs to set an example. He/she needs to be open enough to admit shortcomings or mistakes so that the others will follow. Only then will a company or relationship really succeed.

“The only person in the world who can make me happy is me, and once I do that, others will too.” – John Maxwell

Everyone wants to be happy right? Unfortunately, a lot of people think they can only be happy once everything they think they want falls into place. I.e. I’ll be happy if I get promoted, I’ll be happy when I’m married. Well here’s the thing, if you can’t be happy now, then you’ll NEVER be happy. Happiness does not rely on the conditions your in but on your outlook and perspective. Moreover, we cannot rely on other people to make us happy, in fact, this might be one reason why relationships fail.

“Consistency is key. Once you become intentional in what you do, you will see how it has such a compounding effect.” – John Maxwell

In everything we do, it’s important to be consistent. He tells audience a story about a tree. Imagine chopping a tree everyday for sometime, eventually, that tree will fall down. At first, it seems like nothing is happening, but consistently doing it has a compounding effect, and eventually, something WILL happen. But what if every day you chop a different tree? Do you think something will happen? …well, you’ll leave a small mark on the tree but won’t really be able to get the full package. Remember, “small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

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“Think about this, how is someone’s life better when they cross your path?” – Valorie Burton

This was one of my favorite quotes that day, simply because it pops into mind every time I am given the opportunity to interact with a stranger – such as the guards, the ticketing lady, the janitors, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if every time someone cross paths with you, their lives somehow get better? You don’t even need to do such a big gesture, because sometimes a simple smile is all they need. So ask yourself that question, if someone crossed you path today, how would you have made their life better?

“The more power you give up, the more power you receive” – Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner CEO of Microsoft shared a few tips in a one on one interview with John Maxwell. He shared how he built his team and made Microsoft the success it is today. Though being the head means he has most of the power, he also understands how to properly delegate tasks. Moreover, Kevin shares how it is important to place people where they will function best as this will also make them be happier in the long run. When you’re happy with what you do, you will also produce better results, and in turn, the company gets better too.

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Overall, I’d say the event was a huge success. I’m sure the attendees, including myself, learned a lot from the different speakers! Next year, there will be another event with new speakers, but still with John Maxwell. You can already purchase your tickets as early as today, so don’t forget to check it out through

See you next year!

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