LIV: The Most Colorful Night of the Year


September has truly been an amazing month of the UP Economics Society with a jam-packed 5 weeks for 5 awesome events. This year’s Ecosoc Month celebrated the organization’s 57th anniversary like no other—and definitely ended it with a bang!

As the last but definitely not the least event for this year’s Ecosoc Month, LIV, the much-awaited and most colorful party of the year painted the town red for all its 950 attendees! LIV was one of the pioneering outdoor college paint parties and is surely one of the most unique org celebrations in the metro. Held on October 3 in Megatent, Libis, partygoers from all over were welcomed with huge clouds of foam, endless buckets of different colors of paint, free flowing drinks to the wettest and wildest college party of the year!


This year’s LIV saw the biggest and craziest crowd as everyone just let loose and partied the night away to the beats of famous DJs like Marc Marasigan, Tom Suplico and many more! No one was left with nothing to do as people gathered to the giant beer pong stations, tried the inflatable slide and even just ran around playing with their friends with their own paint guns. The hourly reveals which included fireworks, huge water cannons and torrents of paint and foam threw LIV-goers into a fun frenzy! The most colourful party of the year ended way into the night, but it surely left everyone who LIV-ed with memories they can #NeverForget!


UP Ecosoc Month 2015 was a whirlwind for everyone, but it also perfectly encapsulated the UP Economics Society’s three thrusts of Service, Excellence and Tradition—but with a whole lot of fun and color. See you next September!

By Chili Perez