Little Miss Safiya Bakehouse: Unique Goodies You’re Sure to Love

I love buying edible goodies online. Be it cookies, pastries, candy or cupcakes – buying food online never fails to make my day. One of the reasons why I love ordering food online is because of the convenience that comes with getting them sent to my doorstep. It gets even better when what I receive is enjoyed by the whole family – and that’s exactly what Little Miss Safiya’s Bakehouse delivers: delicious goodies that my entire family enjoys.


Krisha Dee, the owner of Little Miss Safiya Bakehouse, is a seasonal baker and full-time mom starting out a home business. While she is a culinary graduate from the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, she didn’t really pursue the chef thing. Instead, she worked in a bank until she gave birth to her first baby.

If you are a fellow mom, you will understand how important it is to be hands-on in the motherhood department. (Plus, it can be so hard to find help.) As such, she and her husband decided that she stay at home and take care of their now 21-month-old daughter, Klaire Safiya, the namesake and inspiration of Little Miss Safiya’s Bakehouse.

One of the things that I love about Little Miss Safiya’s Bakehouse is the fact that their products are unique. Their polvoron aside, I, for one, haven’t seen their other items in the online market so far.


This is their dark chocolate crisped rice. It reminded me so much of my childhood, but what I loved about it the most is that, although it was made of dark chocolate, it wasn’t bitter. It wasn’t too sweet or nakakaumay, either. In fact, it was just right – the perfect snack to munch on in bed while watching movies.


This is their tropical mango covered in dark chocolate – and it’s absolutely addicting! I swear. I originally set out to eat just one, but after I tasted it, I couldn’t stop. So. Good.

Krisha explains that it all started when her in-laws went looking for chocolate dried mangoes to give to their close Hong Kong friends. “I am personally addicted to dried mangoes and I love dark chocolate; so I got curious and had to try them for myself,” says Krisha. She tried different brands, but would always find them too sweet, too hairy or too overpowering.

Because of this, Krisha and her husband decided to make their own version and try different combinations until they found the perfect recipe! They would have their families try out the samples and pick out the best one. “It was a very long trial period for us until we finally perfected our product,” she shares. Now, their products are a hit – even with those close Hong Kong friends of her in-laws!
From the logo design to the products themselves, everything is personally made by Little Miss Safiya’s Bakehouse and everything is of perfect quality. I especially love that you can reuse the tin cans after you’ve eaten the products – so useful!
While it takes a lot of hard work and long sleepless nights, Krisha admits that everything is worth it whenever people tell them that they enjoy their goodies. And my family and I definitely enjoy them very much. In fact, my dad immediately stole my first batch of goodies, so I have to order some more soon. I’ll also be trying their leche flan, soon – because who doesn’t love leche flan?
Order some of their stuff today, either for yourself or as a gift this holiday season. I promise you won’t regret a thing!

Little Miss Safiya’s Bakehouse


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