Little Cravings PH: Bite-Sized Pastries to Satisfy Your Cravings

Pastries are a guilty pleasure. However, a lot of the time, I end up hating myself when I eat a bunch of pastries and feel guilty for going against my diet. :p Fortunately, Little Cravings PH is here as a solution to my ‘problem’.

Little Cravings PH 1

If you want to be able to taste delicious pastries but are on a diet like me, Little Cravings PH is heaven-sent. This business is owned by Giezl Gan, who really enjoyed baking as a kid. She shares that she used to bake all kinds of pastries for her relatives to enjoy. “Truth be told, baking for different generations in the family is really a challenge,” Giezl admits, “but seeing that all of them truly love my pastries really encouraged me to share my home-baked pastries for other families to enjoy.”

Little Cravings PH’s products are their family favorites and go-to snacks for when they crave something both sweet and savory. The balance that their pastries give really make every bite oh-so-satisfying.

Little Cravings PH 2

Photo from Little Cravings PH

I love that Little Cravings PH can satisfy my pastry cravings through small bites so I don’t overdo it with my guilty pleasures. The best part is that despite their smaller size, they are still ultra flavorful and filling, so you won’t find yourself overeating.

Their products are also perfect for all ages since they aren’t too sweet, too overpowering, or too complicated to eat. They are simple yet satisfying. Plus, they use premium ingredients while following safe baking measures so as to not compromise on safety. As if that wasn’t enough, Little Cravings PH is trying to expand their pastry selection with hopes of bringing even more snacks to our doorsteps soon. I love them!

Little Cravings PH

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