Little Asia: A Symphony of Asian Flavors in One Stop

Little Asia: A Symphony of Asian Flavors in One Stop




Once upon a time, at the heart of McKinley Hill, a lovely restaurant stood on the palace called Venice Piazza. The place is just as beautiful as its name – so beautiful it speaks of what it truly offers its customers: a taste of everything in one place. And there we ate a sumptuous and lovely lunch at Little Asia, home of the finest Asian cuisine in the metro.



I opened the door to be greeted by their courteous staff. They led me to our table where our feast would begin!



I looked around and above. I can say that this is the perfect place for quiet lunches with the family. Sitting across me was our photographer Arlene’s family, and I could see a picture of a wonderful family time in this quaint, elegant dining spot.



Finally, plates and utensils came clanking in, a signal to for us dig in and try their food. The royal banquet begins!