LISTEN: Tom Rodriguez Releases His First Rap Song Written in Waray!

Music is an art that transcends language. This is what musician Archie Malate, aka FRNCHZ, proves in his newest single “Obra,” written and sung in Waray language.

FRNCHZ, a singer and record producer who hails from Tacloban City, has been in the forefront of pushing Waray music into the mainstream. “Music knows no language,” he said. “It breaks barriers and crosses borders. You don’t even need to know the lyrics of the song to like it. As long as it hits you, then definitely it is going into your playlist.”

“Obra” is the result of a positive collaboration between FRNCHZ and actor Tom Rodriguez, who is a proud Waray born in Catbalogan, Samar. It also features up-and-coming artist and producer Amiel Edward, aka YLMRN, who hails from Palo, Leyte and who wrote the hook and produced the music.

The track, with its impressive and catchy tune, talks about a muse who is so beautiful that she can only be compared to a work of art. To FRNCHZ and Amiel, they reminisced on teen crushes and “torpe” days while Tom dedicated his verse to his fiancée, Carla Abellana.

This was also Tom Rodriguez’ first-ever rap song that will be released commercially.

“It is always a proud moment whenever I hear a Waray song getting played on the radio,” Tom shared. “That’s the reason why I never hesitated to do this project.”

When asked if they had any worries producing a song that wouldn’t be understood by majority of the Filipino public, FRNCHZ confidently said it didn’t concern him at all.

“I think I got no worries releasing a song in a different language. In fact, I look at it as an opportunity to showcase its uniqueness and originality. It also helps us promote our culture through music,” he said.

“Obra” is now out of Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming sites everywhere.

Listen to the song below!

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