Listen to this inuman podcast by a group of teachers talking about the lessons of life

Need a new podcast to listen to? Or just new insights on life and what it brings to the table? Maybe this will be the one for you. Inuman with Cutters is a podcast by a group of friends, all teachers, who come together, have a drink, and talk about the ins and outs of life, love, and everything under the sun. Not only is their approach a very teacher-like one in the sense that they want to probe the subject very carefully and study it, but their camaraderie is also charming and it feels like you’re part of their ‘kada, as well.

They tackle a wide array of topics from love and heartbreak to social issues and each one provides interesting perspectives and great conversation. Here’s one of their most popular episodes: “Kinds of men na ekis.” Watch it below:

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to them and their conversations. There’s nothing like a little bit of beer to really open up the brain to new conversation and (hopefully) deeper insight.

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And tune in to the podcast on Spotify and Youtube.