LISTEN: This lo-fi version of Anima Christi is fire

You know how when you go to church, some songs just slap more than others? Papuri sa Diyos is great, I Will Sing Forever is great, but Anima Christi??? A classic. Which is why when we found this lo-fi version, we all sort of lost our minds. It’s amazing, it’s catchy, and it’s still wonderfully faithful to the original. The beat just pops and everything about it has us wanting to dance and go to confession at the same time.

Never forget the “Hear me Jesus–Jesus!” echo. It’s FIRE.

Don’t believe us? Listen to it for yourself over here:

What did you think about it? Isn’t it great? Doesn’t it make you miss singing along with that second voice and fighting the urge to clap along (because apparently clapping isn’t proper when the choir sings?)? It sure makes me miss it all. Brb, gonna go to mass online now.

This version was made by Nicolas Mercado.

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