LISTEN: Karen Davila Interviews Senatorial Candidate Manny Pacquiao

Karen Davila interviewed Congressman Manny Pacquiao via phone patch during her DZMM radio show “Pasada Sais Trenta.”

Karen, alongside radio show host Vic Lima, conducted this interview with Manny Pacquiao regarding his statement of “mas masahol pa sa hayop” when asked about same-sex marriage.

He then apologized for his statement comparing the LGBT community to animals, but said that he is standing by his belief that same-sex marriage should not be legalized.

During this interview, Manny emphasized that he is not against nor does he condemn the LGBT community. However, he is against the act of intercourse among same-sex couples because it is clearly stated in the Bible, which he strongly believes in.

Here is the summary of the 25 minute interview:

  • Karen asked Manny if he has ever heard of “separation of church and state” since Manny often quotes the bible and is running for a senatorial seat in the government. Manny replies, “It is impossible for a nation to be successful without the guidance of the Lord.”
  • Karen explained to Manny “same-sex marriage” does not mean the couples will be united in the church, but it is merely a union by law recognized by the government to protect their rights as a couple. Manny replied with “Marriage is sacred and it is an insult to God if the same sex will be married.”
  • Karen asked Manny “Should same-sex couples be given the right to adopt a child and take care of it as their own?” Manny agreed with this statement and reiterated that the only thing he is against is the marriage.
  • Karen gave a hypothetical situation: if one of the partners in a same-sex couple got sick or died, the partner will not have a right to the estate and assets that they have worked hard for as a couple since their union is not recognized by law. Manny said that this specific issue should be studied and looked into.
  • Karen asked Manny “Should you be a senator or a pastor? Bagay ka ba sa senado? (Are you fit for the senate?)” Manny replied, “We have many problems in our nation. One big problem is corruption. The only way to solve that is if people become God-fearing”.
  • Karen asked Manny about his stand on divorce. Manny gave a hesitant answer, “Uhh.. Sa ngayon, against ang bibliya diyan.” (For now, the Bible is against that.)
  • Karen asked Manny about his stand on the death penalty. Manny said with conviction that he is all for it. He is pro-death penalty because it is a biblical matter. He referred to the book of Romans where it was explained how the government authority used the death penalty.
  • Senator Antonio Trillanes was listening during the interview and sent in his question to Karen Davila. She read the question of the senator: “Bakit si Binay, malakas magdasal pero malakas rin magnakaw? Manny is on the same slate as Binay.” Manny said that everyone should respect the judiciary. He said that there is a process regarding these matters.
  • Karen asked Manny “Do you think all LGBTs will go to hell?” Manny replied with “No, not all.” He then quotes the book of Leviticus, which is about atonement, uncleanliness, purity and holiness.
  • Karen mentioned to Manny that she has read Leviticus and describes the book to be very harsh. She then asked Manny “Is it your role to be the judge?” Manny responded with “Who am I to judge?.” He talks about how he was also sinful.

What do you think of Manny’s interview with Karen Davila?