LISTEN: Harry Styles’ New Song “Sign of the Times” is Here!

LISTEN- Harry Styles' New Song Sign of the Times is Here!

It was a sad day when Zayn Malik left One Direction in 2015, and when the band went on hiatus the following year. Thankfully, Directioners still have a piece of the band, as some of the members are working on solo work. The latest is Harry Styles, who released his single “Sign of the Times”!

Listen to it below:

In January 2016, the foursome announced that they will be taking a hiatus to focus on individual projects. Niall Horan released a single in 2016, while Liam Payne began producing music. Louis Tomlinson continued writing songs and managing a still unnamed girl group, while Malik released an R&B album. Rumors of a breakup have swirled, but the band has insisted that they will return as a band.

Apart from his debut single, Styles has been busy writing songs for other artists, including Michael Buble, and acting. He is set to appear in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which will be out July 21. He will also be the musical guest in the April 15 episode of Saturday Night Live.

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