LIST: Must-Try Croissants for a Taste of That “Emily in Paris” Lifestyle

I’ve read a lot of reviews about “Emily in Paris,” but it didn’t stop me from dreaming about that fancy lifestyle in the city of love. If you’ve fantasized about it too, you’ve probably explored a few French words–especially the food–and croissants are definitely on top of the list! So you know how to pronounce “croissant”, but do you know the best places to try them in the Metro?

Of course, I know that we can probably only wish for romantic lunch dates mid-work in a scenic city. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to have even just a little “French brunch” every now and then! Do you know what I mean? Like, ordering croissants and coffee for a quick fix, even just to-go on days when you have a lot on your plate…because once you taste that buttery and crisp crescent treat, you just know that life’s still great after all! So without further ado, here’s a list of must-try croissants to help satisfy your “Emily in Paris” lifestyle dreams.

Strawberry Croissant

Photo: Aperitif

Aperitif PH offers a variety of freshly baked croissants like Almond and Nutella Strawberry Banana, but their strawberry-filled croissants are their best-seller! They are also a well-known caterer for corporate events, celebrities, and politicians, so it’s definitely giving that posh lifestyle vibe we crave. 😉

Ube Croissant

Photo: Wildflour To-Go

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery is home to this delicious croissant filled with ube halaya! But, this is only available for pre-order this via their online store, Wildflour To-Go. Established in 2012, Wildflour is well-known in the Metro with 15 branch locations consisting of main restaurant concept brands and several sub-brands under its belt and counting.

Nutella Croissant

Photo: Stoned Chocolates

  • Price: Php 950 (Box of 6)
  • Where to order: Stoned Chocolates
  • Instagram: @stonedchocolates

Stoned Chocolates is a small online business that thrives on its Nutella croissants. I mean, just look at it! It only takes one look to know that these croissants are a pure temptation, am I right? They’re buttery, they’re flaky, and most of all–they’re ooey gooey! BRB, I’m drooling! 

Caldereta Croissant

Photo: Butterboy Bakehouse

Butterboy Bakehouse gives a delectable savory option for those who are not a fan of sweets. Their unique Caldereta Croissant is filled with beef meatballs in cheese Caldereta sauce, topped with sesame seeds and pickled pepper, which will definitely leave you solved! You can pre-order this on their website from Tuesdays to Saturdays, or visit their store in QC.

Truffle Egg Croissant

Photo: Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is known for modern comfort food with a twist, and truffle-flavored croissants are one of them. If you already love croissants, just wait ‘til you add truffle to it! Tucked in the heart of San Juan City, Flossom is a neighborhood cafe with a lush ambiance. Although if you’re from the other side of the metro, you can always order their Truffle Egg Croissant online.

And there you have it! Enjoy your Parisian breakfast, snack, or dessert–however you like it. 😉

Do you have anything to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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