We’re Going Nuts Over Lion Coffee’s Macadamia-Flavored Coffee

For a lot of us, coffee is essential— whether you need it to stay awake, you love the taste, or even if it’s just part of your routine. No matter what the reason, we can all agree that it better be a good cup of Joe. And if we’re talking about good coffee, who else to turn to if not an experienced brand, right?

Take Lion Coffee, for example. This Hawaiian brand has been hard at work— researching, studying, and perfecting its coffee for over 150 years. Eventually, Lion Coffee bridged together the spirit of Hawaii and premium quality coffee beans to create a wide range of coffee products.

Lion Coffee’s Origin and Process

Lion Coffee originated— or roared into life, so to speak— in Toledo, Ohio. In 1864, Lion Coffee first introduced “fancy roasted coffee”, but it eventually moved to Hawaii in 1979 to focus on beans exclusively grown in America. It didn’t take long for Lion Coffee to become a crowd favorite in Hawaii – and for good reason, too!

You see, Lion Coffee uses hand-selected Arabica coffee beans, which are carefully roasted and freshly packed. During production, the beans go through meticulous standards to ensure their quality. Plus, every batch is cupped— sampled and tested by experts to guarantee freshness. That extra step in Lion Coffee’s quality control protocols is what sets it apart from the rest of the pack… literally! Once deemed satisfactory, said beans are packed in bright red pouches and shipped to various countries around the world, including the Philippines.

Lion Coffee is currently available in two forms: whole beans or ground coffee. Aside from offering Gold Roast, French Roast, and Decaf options, Lion Coffee also has flavored blends if you’re looking for something fun. These include Vanilla Macadamia, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel, and Hazelnut, just to name a few.

Team Macadamia or Team Chocolate Macadamia

Hawaii is known for its Macadamia nuts, so it makes perfect sense (to me, at least) to try out their Macadamia-flavored coffees. The boxed set that I was able to try includes two flavors: Macadamia and Chocolate Macadamia. While they both have a familiar buttery and nutty aroma, the similarity ends there. Each one has its own flavor profile, which makes for a unique experience in each sip.

Macadamia Ground Coffee

Rich and Buttery— that’s how the package calls it, and rightfully so. Once you open the bag, you’ll get a robust scent of coffee paired with a scent that resembles churned butter. Lion Coffee’s Macadamia blend may have a mild flavor profile, but it’s more robust compared to its original blend. That’s because the coffee beans used in this variant are roasted slightly darker.

When brewed, you’ll get the full-bodied taste of coffee plus the caffeine kick. Next, you’ll get a light buttery and nutty taste that lingers even when you add milk and sugar to your coffee. This 7-ounce pack of ground coffee is available for Php449 on Lazada. Buy it here!

Chocolate Macadamia Ground Coffee

A real treat featuring sweet dark chocolate notes and a subtle splash of macadamia. This aromatic blend is a fan favorite and one of Lion Coffee’s bestsellers. To create this blend, coffee beans are medium roasted for a rich and decadent body.

The brewed version of this blend features an interplay of coffee, macadamia, and chocolate. The rich scent of chocolate, however, stands out, and the buttery notes of the macadamia serve to accent the drink. Best of all, adding milk and sugar to your coffee does not compromise its flavors. This 7-ounce pack of ground coffee is available for Php449 on Lazada, and you can buy your very own bag here.

For coffee lovers looking for something familiar yet new, Lion Coffee is a good choice. Their attention to detail and wide range of options guarantee something different for your morning routine. Now that’s one fun way to shake things up, don’t you think?

Lion Coffee

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