Linya-Linya’s Shirts Know Exactly How You Feel

Written by: Ching Balina

Whether it’s a hugot line directed to crushie or a kilig moment that happened during the day, the daily life of a Filipino is never dull. What happens then when three people combine this colorful experience with their wit, artistry, and cleverness, though? They build a brand that lets every Filipino express themselves through adorable shirts. 


You know what we didn’t adjust? The awesome lighting at Penbrothers Makati. 😉

Although Ali Sangalang and Panch Alvarez only started Linya-Linya in 2012, the brand has earned attention from shoppers who just can’t help but take a double take at their products. With the help of Jim Bacarro, Linya-Linya continues to make waves in the clothing industry with the same kind of #nofilter and #lol-worthy puns they started with. Their latest campaign, #WearYourFeelings, has the perfect shirt for any mood without sacrificing their signature style.


Just shake the BV away.


Craving for cotton candy and maybe a milkshake on the side?

It’s no surprise that Linya-Linya’s clothing line has garnered hundreds of thousands of online followers and nine branches around the Philippines. Their designs are memorable and their comedy resonates with the Filipino audience on so many levels.


Same, girl. Same.


We all have one of those days.

Getting any feels, yet? Don’t worry, Linya-Linya has got your back.




Twitter / Instagram: @linyalinya