Lifelifters Wheelchair Van: A Painless Way to Travel

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Lifelifters Wheelchair Van: A Painless Way to Travel


Lifelifters Wheelchair Van

Traveling around Manila is a major challenge for those in wheelchairs.  Squeezing into a pedicab or tricycle is impossible.  Getting into a jeepney, bus or MRT is time-consuming and inconvenient.  Most families of PWDs (People with Disabilities) resort to helping them stand up and carrying them into their family cars, but this can be tiring and even painful for the person being carried.  Imagine how someone with a recent hip replacement surgery must feel every time she has to be driven to the hospital! 


There are new vans in the market, however, that offer a safe, painless and convenient alternative.  These “wheelchair vans” are equipped with a hydraulic wheelchair lift that allows PWDs to enter through the van backdoor, without having to leave the comfort of their wheelchair.  These vans are also equipped with safety restraints, which lock the wheelchair in place as the vehicle is moving.  With these improvements, traveling is no longer a dreaded activity for the handicapped.

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Lifelifters Transport is the first van rental service in the Philippines to offer these wheelchair vans.  Aiming to help the elderly and disabled travel free from limitations, pain and inconvenience, Lifelifters is also an advocacy-driven company.  In addition to raising awareness about the handicapped on its Facebook site, Lifelifters also supports God is Able International Foundation, Inc. (, an NGO that works with Christian churches in order to serve people with disabilities.


        Through Lifelifters, traveling is now easy and convenient for PWDs.  To know more about their wheelchair vans, you can contact them at the following numbers:



Lifelifters Transport Inc

Tel No: 438-3520 / 438-3091

Cell No: 0942-811-LIFT (5438)






Lifelifters Wheelchair Van: A Painless Way to Travel

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