LIFE HACKS: 10 Job Hunting Tips For Millennials

It’s a sad truth that millennials get blamed and judged for a lot of things–it’s like we can’t do anything right! While this may be a hasty generalization for a whole generation, there must be a reason for it. There have been quite a number of negative stories about millennials looking for jobs that have gone viral recently, and so to keep us millennials from causing any more bad publicity, we asked the #WIMSquad to share a few tips on applying for and looking for jobs that would help millennials.

We rounded them up and now here are 8 tips for millennials on job hunting and job interviews:

10.Don’t stop learning.

While waiting and applying for jobs, look for internships or little projects to keep you busy. It helps a lot for the employers to know that you’re very hard working and eager to learn a lot. Work on your own personal brand. After all, you’re masterpiece worthy to be appreciated and hired. -Jemina Mission

9. Make sure that your social media accounts show what you’d want your employer to see.

tips for millennials 5Comic by Mara Clarina Lee

Clean up your Facebook pages! Though most employers won’t have the time to sift through each account, it’s still important not to cultivate the attitude of ranting about their current situations on the Internet. -Eleennae Ayson

Make an online portfolio, even if it’s just a Facebook page. That’s how I got my first job. -Red Calayan

8. Respect people’s time.

DO NOT BE LATE!!!! -Rhiza Penafiel

Be early. No, not just on time. Being ahead shows a great deal. It wouldn’t hurt to be 15 minutes earlier than your appointment. -Joshie Tan

7. Edit your resume accordingly.

tips for millennials 1Comic by Mara Clarina Lee

Make your resume readable. Don’t put too much unnecessary info on your resume such as personal details (e.g. birthday, elementary and high school awards); and customize your resume depending on the job you’re applying for. Don’t make just one resume for all jobs. -Cherish Joyce Macaraeg

Read through the job description of the position you’re applying for and tweak your resumé based from it. One #lifehack is making sure that your resumé highlights your qualities that makes you the perfect candidate for that position. -Fatima Alvarez Pavia


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