Life Begins at 40: Man in His 40s Enrolls in Grade 1

40 year old grade 1

Life begins at 40.

This cliche is true in many aspect to most but for Jay Calivoso, it means pursuing proper education.

According to ABS-CBN News, Calivoso who is already 40 years old recently enrolled in Grade 1 at the Amarosa Elementary School in Laoag City.

It is a big leap for Calivoso and apparently, it is just the second day of school but he can already write his first name now.

Soon, with patience and practice, he will definitely be able to write his last name.

Calivoso was born with polio, which affected his right leg. This is also the reason why he had a hard time going to school when he was younger.

Yet, he tries to battle this and decided to go to school. He believes that not having proper education is a reason for other people to take advantage of him.

Calivoso vows to finish school. He said that he wants to set a good example that despite medical problems and his age, he can finish his studies.

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