Lido Cocina Tsina: Mouth-watering Chinese Food

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Eggplant dish Lido Restaurant

Sze Chuan Eggplant with Minced Pork | Php155 

One of the new items on the menu, the Sze Chuan Eggplant is a welcome addition to Lido’s existing line-up of vegetable dishes. Thinly sliced eggplants bathe in a hearty sauce made of carrots and minced pork. The sauce had a rich flavor to it that somewhat reminded me of the poached tofu with special soy dish. But the Sze Chuan dish offered a thicker, creamier and decidedly more oriental-tasting sauce that complements the eggplants’ tender texture quite nicely.



Shantung Pork Lido Restaurant

16-Spiced Shantung Pork | Php259

This is another one of my favorites: the Shantung Pork that has been coated with 16 different spices.  This signature product is made of tender pork chops rolled in 16 kinds of spices that may or may not include cinnamon, chili powder, salt and possibly a dash of amazing (because those are what I think the different spices are secretly made of!) The dish is a lot spicier and more addicting than the chili wings, not surprisingly.



Mushroom Chorizo Rice Lido Restaurant

 Mushroom & Chorizo Fried Rice | Php70, solo | Php220, for 2-3 | Php395, for 8-10

Here’s another newbie, the Mushroom & Chorizo Fried Rice. Who would have thought that the earthy flavor of mushroom can go so well with the striking taste of chorizo? Obviously, Lido thought of it, and the dish is available in three sizes. In this dish, though, I feel that the mushrooms bring out the contrasting, spicy flavor of the chorizo, and yet you just know that the chorizo is not too overpowering to overshadow the mushrooms. All in all, this fried rice dish has the right amount of flavor (read: not too salty) and has an intriguing mix of flavors.



Pugon-Roasted Asado Cutlets Lido Restaurant

Pugon-Roasted Asado | Php270

Finally, here’s the famous Pugon-Roasted Asado. It was Chef Lido who was responsible for this asado cold cut. He just got it into his head one day to cure the choicest pork loin and roast it in a brick oven. And so Chef Lido’s closely-guarded asado recipe continues to delight Filipino taste buds through Lido Cocina Tsina’s numerous branches, even preparing pugon-roasted asado daily in the early morning. People say the dish is best eaten cold, but personally I love heating it up and snacking on it the following day.


 Coco Mango Surprise Medley Lido Restaurant

Coco Mango Surprise Medley | ~Php120

The coconut-and-mango dessert that was initially launched to beat the sweltering heat of the tropical summer is still available to continue winning hearts even in October. As what the picture shows, the Coco Mango Surprise Medley is served showcasing three layers of Filipino ingredients: mango puree, creamy coconut milk and sweetened black rice and nata de coco. This uniquely Filipino dessert is very filling, so you might want to share it with a friend if you’re counting calories.



Can’t wait to try all these dishes yourself? Come and try them all with your friends at Lido Cocina Tsina, when in Manila!



Lido Cocina Tsina

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Lido Cocina Tsina: Mouth-watering Chinese Food


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