Lick Iced Tea: Tea Lovers Will Enjoy this Newest Drink in Town

Most tea lovers I know always prefer their drinks hot. It is, without a doubt, better that way because it really brings out the natural flavor of the leaves. Drinking hot tea isn’t always suitable, though, especially in a tropical country like ours. Well, Lick Iced Tea is perfect for your tastebuds while quenching the heat.    Lick Iced Tea 1 of 8

Lick Iced Tea is the only full-bodied tea drink that maximizes the flavors of green and black tea. When you taste it, you will still get the tang of these brewed leaves; it’s not overpowered by the flavor nor diluted along the process. This is why you would enjoy this thoroughly if you’re a fan of brewed leaves, especially green and black tea.   

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Green and Black Tea are naturally bitter in taste. So, to satisfy most people, Lick makes use of cane sugar, a better alternative to the usual table sugar complemented with Stevia Plant Extract. What the plant does is heighten the sweetness of the cane while making sure the calorie intake remains low. Each bottle only has 130 calories in it, so you can drink it anytime without any guilt!   Lick Iced Tea 2 of 8

Green tea can also help lower cholesterol levels and the risks of heart disease. Black tea, on the other hand, can aid in regulating heart activity and improve digestion. Lick Iced Tea has 5 different flavors: Green Apple, Huckle Berry, Raspberry, Sicilian Lemon, and Southern Sweet Peach. Each has their own vitamins and minerals, as well – something to take note of while enjoying the different varieties.  

To be frank, it has quite a high amount of sugar (28 – 29g), but it’s still within the daily sugar intake value (36g/day). For this review, I made sure to try only one flavor per day and wrote down my thoughts on each one. It’s kind of fun to have a different theme for five straight days – look at how my week went!  

Monday – Huckle Berry (Mixed Berries) Lick Iced Tea 3 of 8

This one – from the packaging to its dark, prominent color – instantly became my initial favorite. It actually smells like bubble gum, which made me think it would taste like candy… I was wrong. Upon trying it out, I could taste blueberry, blackberry, and cranberry. All of the sourness infuses well with the taste of leaves, so it isn’t that overpowering.  

This was my first bottle of Lick Iced Tea, and, believe me, the taste of the green and black tea is consistent all throughout!  

Final Verdict: 2nd Favorite. Sourest among all, if you must know!

Tuesday – Sicilian Lemon Lick Iced Tea 7 of 8

I adore all things lemon. I thought this would taste somewhat like lemonade, but it leans more towards mint. Not complaining, though, because it’s really refreshing, thanks to its burst of mint and its citric punch. Also, the packaging is slightly different from the others, which makes it stand out for me in many ways.  

I made my friend try it, too, and she said the menthol is too “explosive”. I guess it’s just a matter of preference!

Final Verdict: Favorite flavor. Hands-down.  

Wednesday – Green Apple Tea Lick Iced Tea 4 of 8

Upon opening this, you will immediately smell the distinct scent of green apple. This flavor is nice because its smell really equals to its taste. Green apples are more sour than red apples, but the cane sugar and stevia plant elevate its natural sweetness; giving this the most balanced flavor by far.  

Pleased with this flavor as I would imagine it would be a nice drink to chug down on a hot, summer day.  

Final Verdict: 3rd favorite. I’m sure this would be a crowd favorite, though.  

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Thursday – Raspberry  Lick Iced Tea 8 of 8

Next to Huckleberry, this is quite sour. Since it doesn’t have the same tang as blackberries or cranberries, though, this flavor is a tad sweeter. Visually, it’s the most stunning, too – check out its vibrant color.  

Though, overall, I have to say it’s okay.  

Final Verdict: 5th favorite.

Friday – Southern Sweet Peach Lick Iced Tea 5 of 8

Personally, I don’t like peaches, but this drink might have just shed a new light on this flavor for me.   

The scent is definitely on point. I forgot what peach tastes like, but it’s actually pretty good. Among all of the flavors, this is the fruitiest, ergo the sweetest. If you’re reluctant to try this flavor, I would compare it to pomelo. So, if you’re a fan of that, you will like this, too.

Final Verdict: 4th favorite. Sweetness isn’t intense thanks to the green and black tea.  

Of course, I can only describe my own personal opinion on Lick Iced Tea. If I were you, I’d try them out myself. They have several partners who sell them, so its accessibility shouldn’t be a problem. Now, you can enjoy tea the cold way—shake the drink, pour it in a mason jar with ice, and savor it to the last drop

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Lick Iced Tea

Lick Iced Tea is available at the following establishments: Landmark Supermarkets, Breadtalk Philippines, Quincy Supermarket (QC), Shoppers’ Mart (Binondo), Famous Kitchen, La Spezia MNL, The Green Company, Sunshine Fruitbar, Tazza Café, Craft Coffee, Octoboy, Tin Hok Chinese Deli, Coffee Habit, Paper+Cup (Manila Bulletin HQ), Red Baron, Megawatt, Templo.



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