Libon: Reach Your Loved Ones Worldwide with Ease

Filipinos are very caring and sweet people, in general, and we become even more caring and more sweet when the holidays near. We start missing the people who matter and who are far from us more than usual and we start wishing we could be with them to celebrate the holidays with them.

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Unfortunately, due to school, work or other issues, this isn’t always possible. And that’s where Libon App comes in. Libon is a great choice and opportunity for you to reach the people who matter worldwide this holiday season. Here’s why.


Call for less or for nothing at all!

If you plan on calling someone in another country, the ‘Libon Out’ feature will help you make cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide through its in-app purchase option. And you won’t have to worry about static or poor voice quality, either, because calls are made crystal clear on this app.


Save money!

Libon makes voice communication convenient all over the world by making sure that you can reach your loved ones whenever you ant to without breaking the bank. Since you can call your loved ones at a low price, you can call them more often and miss them less in the process.


Enjoy free HD quality voice calls!

The best part? If your loved ones use Libon, too, you can enjoy free unlimited HD quality voice calls with them when you call them through the app on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. (Your operator may apply data charges, though.)


Customize your voicemail!

If you need voicemail, Libon can help you in that department, too. You can customize your voicemail and view all of your messages at a glance and listen to them as you please. You can even personalize your voicemail message for different people if you want.



Send messages for free!

Libon also provides free instant messaging, so you can share your location, texts, photos, audio messages and video messages to your loved ones without worrying about using different messaging apps all the time.

Want to find out more? Click here: https://www.libon.com. You may download Libon for free on iPhone or Android.

You may also join our giveaway and get the chance to win 1000 minutes of free calls:
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(Please take note that depending on the country of residence, the free minutes may vary slightly.)


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