Lia’s Cakes in Season now offers Savory dishes: A MUST TRY!

When In Manila and you’re in search for a “one-stop-restaurant” that you will definitely put in the list of your “must-try resto”, then you should have Lia’s Cakes in Season in the top of that list! Why? Because they now offers savory dishes that would really attract your appetite!

Lia’s Cakes in Season is  located in foodie heaven that is East Capitol Drive.



Known for their delicious baked, or even not baked, sugar goodies, Lia’s Cakes in Season is now adding a new staple in their menu that would really keep you coming back at their store. Aside from the Avocado Cake, the restaurant is now serving baked savory dishes and pasta’s with a twist. Of course, we wouldn’t let this pass for a food review. I tag along with me two other writers from the site, Marla and Koji, and our favorite foodie friend, Reen!

Marla, Reen and Koji. I wasn’t here because I took the picture. Life of being the one taking the photo. 

For those who are not familiar with Lia’s and doesn’t know how to get there. Here’s how! If you’re coming whether from southern or northern of the metro, I advise that you go down at Shaw Boulevard (Shangri-la Mall) and walk your way to the Mayflower Terminal, a parking space that’s near Soho Central condominium. In the terminal, you will ride a tricycle going to a spot in front of Unilab Laboratories at; guess what street, Unilab Street. From there you’ll ride another tricycle going to East Capitol Drive where Lia’s Cakes in Season is located. The two tricycle ride will cost you only 14 pesos, but I strongly suggest that you take a cab going to Lia’s if you’re a group of 4 and up! I think it wouldn’t cost you 60-70 bucks, because it’s a less-than-10 minute ride from EDSA Shaw Boulevard.


You wouldn’t miss it because it has big signage and it has big tarpaulin of their specialty, Avocado Cake.



There you go; you’re now in the resto! You are now thinking what to get? So, let me help you with that! From their usual sweet cravings they have now savory dishes added in their menu. They have the Baked Chicken (P160), Baked Fish Fillet (P160), Baked Empanada (P95), Home-style Spaghetti (P160), Pork Adobo Pasta (P175) and Aligue Pasta (P140).



Lia’s Cakes in Season additional menu, savory dishes!




Since we’re a group of four, we ordered: Baked Chicken, Baked Fish Fillet, Pork Adobo Pasta and Home-style Spaghetti. And we just asked for separate plates so that we could have a taste of it all, talk about strategy! And the good thing about this is that by ordering these we have all have free slice of cakes as desserts.

 It looks good but it tastes even better! [In clockwise] Baked Chicken Rice, Home-style Spaghetti, Baked Fish Fillet Rice and Pork Adobo Pasta.




 We ordered the two baked rice meals: Chicken and Fish Fillet. When it came to our table, I was amazed how it was plated beautifully and the aroma of the herbs was just an appeal that can make your mouth water.

We all loved the Baked Fish Fillet. They used a dory for this recipe! For me, this is by far the best fish fillet that I had, considering that it is baked, because of its consistency! I think my fellow writers and my foodie friend would agree with me when I say that the meat of the fish is full of flavor and that it melts inside our mouth. Right?



Lia’s Cakes in Season’s Baked Chicken Rice (Top) and Baked Fish Fillet Rice (Bottom).



For the baked chicken, when it was placed on our table, I thought it was dry or it will not have much flavor than the fish because of its look. But, I was wrong! The chicken tastes good also and the meat contained the juice of the chicken, which is a shocker for me. The herbs complemented the dishes, both chicken and fish. I recommend that they try pairing the chicken with mashed potatoes or garlic potatoes. And, I would be a happy kid with my savory meals at Lia’s Cakes in Season!




I was looking forward to have the Aligue Pasta but since it was not available. We had the Pork Adobo Pasta and Home-style Spaghetti, which the recipe came from the owner’s mom. The home-style spaghetti’s pasta was cooked right, al dente as they say it is; the sauce is flavorful and topped with generous amount of cheese that complements the sauce. The Pork Adobo Pasta’s, just like the spaghetti, was also cooked right. The sauce was delicious and is topped with tomatoes, herbs and cream cheese.



Lia’s Cakes in Season delicious Pork Adobo Pasta (Top) and Home-style Spaghetti (Bottom).



For the pasta dishes, I absolutely fell in love with their home-style spaghetti. While, the Pork Adobo Pasta is also surprisingly good! 




Of course this meal wouldn’t be complete without desserts and the restaurant is the best place to be for good cakes. Known for their Avocado cake, Lia’s Cakes in Season also bakes other cakes that is equally delicious as their staple cake. As I’ve said earlier, our orders of savory dishes has a free slice of cakes. So we had a slice of their Avocado, Banana Caramel, Calamansi Tea and Mango Walnut cakes.



 Sugar rush at Lia’s Cakes in Season. [Clockwise] Avocado Cake, Mango Walnut Cake, Banana Caramel Cake and  Calamansi Tea Cake.



Their cakes are very affordable, ranging from 45 to 95 bucks per slice. They have wide variety of cheesecakes: strawberry, blueberry, mango and even avocado. They have a nice looking Strawberries and Cream cake, Chocolate Decadence and Chocobanana Indulgence.



The uber-delicious Mango Walnut Cake (Left) and Calamansi Tea Cake (Right).



I must confess that I love all kinds of dessert! And when it comes to baked goodies, Lia’s Cakes in Season’s cakes are delicious. I suggest that you order a slice of Calamansi Tea Cake (P45/slice and P340 for the whole cake) and pair it with Coffee or Tea! Mango Walnut Cake (P60/slice and P420 for the whole cake) is just good! It was their, Marla, Koji and Reen, favorite.



Lia’s Cakes in Season’s Avocado Cake (Left) and Banana Caramel Cake (Right).



 The cakes, all four of them, are delicious! The Avocado cake which is what they are famous for tastes good! It’s not too sweet that why we all loved it and it pairs well with the savory dishes that the restaurant is now offering. The Banana Caramel cake on the other hand was the first one to be gone in our table, meaning it was the crowd favorite. 


Lia’s Cakes in Season is now a haven for me. And it’s a perfect lunch resto for those working in Ortigas area because it’s a ten-minute ride from the business district. Of course, without the traffic! Oh and before I forget, they also have lovely cupcakes!



Cupcakes that are perfect for take-out’s!




Lia’s Cakes in Season

25 A&B East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Phone number:+632 377 4808

Like them on Facebook: Lia’s Cakes in Season

Follow them on Twitter: @liascakes




Lia’s Cakes in Season now offers Savory dishes: A MUST TRY!


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