L’hotel Island South Should Be Your Next Hotel When Visiting Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination for Filipinos because it’s near, you don’t need a visa, and it’s a world-class city with excellent food, shopping, and nightlife. For first-time visitors, a visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong is always part of the itinerary. Since it opened in 1977, it has become a world-class attraction that balances entertainment and conservation. It’s perfect for families and friends!

For those who want to make a visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong their top priority, there’s one hotel we recommend you stay in. It’s 15 minutes away from the theme park, and boasts elegant features and world-class designs. It’s the hotel I stayed in when I visited Ocean Park this year and last year, and I’ve had an excellent stay both times. I’m talking about L’hotel Island South.


L’hotel Island South is a boutique hotel that stands 37 stories tall with 432 spacious rooms. Despite the high number of rooms, the hotel is always peaceful and quiet. I can go down the lobby at any time and not be greeted by hordes of people loitering. A walk down my floor’s hallway is always a silent affair, and it’s something I appreciate after hours of enjoying the busy Ocean Park for its Halloween Fest celebration.



The hotel blends luxurious comfort and the wonders of nature. L’hotel Island South is proudly Hong Kong’s first geopark hotel, and you can see the aqua-theme in the design. First off, the facade of the hotel imitates water ripples, and the art pieces that dot the hotel borrow this theme. In fact, all the art pieces are environmentally-friendly.



As for the room, it is the largest room I’ve stayed in in all my visits to Hong Kong. The bed is enormous and so inviting after a day of walking. I stand six feet and the bed can accommodate me, whether I’m lying down horizontally or vertically. It’s that relaxing.

There’s also a nice sitting area next to the cavernous window, which overlooks the mountains on one side and the city on the other. I’ve enjoyed both views and each has its own advantages: the mountain view is relaxing while the city view gives you a preview of Hong Kong’s urban growth. The best moment is when you wake up and you see lush greenery or the concrete jungle bathed in the morning sun.


The bathroom is also vast, which has a large lit mirror, a roomy counter, and a comfortable bathtub with shower. I enjoy long, hot showers in hotels, and I maximized my stay in the bathroom. One wall of the bathroom is made of glass and spills into the bedroom, which means I can watch my fill of Comedy Central while relaxing my sore muscles. The white tea scented toiletries make showers extra special.

While it is a stone’s throw away from Ocean Park, it is quite far from the city proper. There is a 30 minute bus ride to Causeway Bay, but the great thing is that an MTR station is currently being built to make sightseeing easier. I actually don’t mind being spending my free time in L’hotel Island South. The room alone has wi-fi and cable TV, which never left Comedy Central. I watched episodes of South Park this year, and I discovered a hilarious British show called Come Fly With Me last year. It’s a short-run mockumentary about life in an airport, where all the characters are played by two actors.





If you want to step out of your room, there’s an outdoor swimming pool and a gym. For meals, there’s the LIS Cafe and Bar LIS. On our first night, we had a truly delightful six-course meal. Their specialty is seafood, but I got the Muddy Sandstone Crossover for my main course, which is a slow-cooked US beef tenderloin with green tea sea salt flakes.

My stay at L’hotel Island is the perfect balance to Ocean Park’s frenetic pace. It’s a relaxing oasis amidst Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. It’s a gentle pause to real life. And I hope to be back next year.

L’hotel Island South is located in 55 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. For reservations, you may call (852) 3968 8838 or email rsvns.lis@lhotelgroup.com. For more information, you may visit https://www.lhotelgroup.com/en/hotel/lhotel-island-south/Home.

Starting this month up to the end of the year, L’hotel Island South is offering the Ocean Park Room Package for a daily rate starting HK$1,388 for two persons. The package includes a one-night stay at a Premium City room for two persons, a two-day pass to Ocean Park for two adults, breakfast buffet, complimentary wi-fi access, and more. This is the perfect way to experience Ocean Park Hong Kong’s Halloween Fest.

L’hotel Island South also offers several packages in partnership with the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. The Geo Excursion Package includes an overnight stay at a Geo-themed room, Geolicious drinks for two, breakfast buffet, and a half-day tour of the High Island Geo Trail, which has the world-class giant hexagonal rock columns. The package includes a tour and a two-way transfer. Rates are HK$2,188 from Sunday to Thursday, and HK$2,388 on Friday, Saturday, and public holidays and public holidays’ eve.

The Geo Stay and Dine Package includes an overnight stay at a Geo-themed room, Geolicious drinks for two, breakfast buffet, and a complimentary four-course Geolicious set menu for two. Rates are HK$1,288 from Sunday to Thursday, and HK$1,488 on Friday, Saturday, and public holidays and public holidays’ eve.

All photos courtesy of L’hotel Island South

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