L!FE Yoga Studio BGC: Breathing New Life into Yoga, Food, and Music

Health has never been this trendy.

In the last couple of years, wellness enthusiasts have built oases of relaxation and fitness right in the heart of some of Manila’s busiest spots. You can hardly turn into a street corner and not see a yoga studio, juice bar, or organic café. However, a visit at L!FE, Bonifacio Global City’s newest health hub, will have young urban professionals needing to check in at only one.

L!FE Yoga Studio BGC: Breathing New Life into Yoga, Food, and Music

Combining yoga, music, food, and art, L!FE aims to be the metropolitans’ go-to spot for everything healthy, hip, and fun. Located at Eight Forbestown Road in Burgos Circle, BGC, the two-story lifestyle center houses a yoga studio where various classes are to be held weekly. It also features a café called Vibe where Sprout and Fruit Magic are to serve whole foods, salads, snacks, and fresh juices.

Currently home to 12 instructors, the studio is set to offer 12 classes a day on weekdays and 6 classes a day on weekends of the heated and non-heated varieties. Each class aims to be an experience in itself, aptly named by the instructors who have backgrounds in Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa. As it aims to veer away from traditional forms of yoga, L!FE also wants to capitalize on music’s power over the human physique.

“There’s no denying that music can affect our emotions, which also affect our entire body. Music can help bring us into deeper states of meditation, which is ideal for yoga. A DJ can directly set the vibe and provide the right tempo to flow through the class. Aside from that, it also adds a bit more fun & funk to what otherwise could be just another session.”

L!FE Yoga Studio BGC: Breathing New Life into Yoga, Food, and Music

With Vibe Café, L!FE’s founders want to further the goal of building a community with a shared love for wellness not only as a passing trend but a lifestyle. “We hope that people will ‘vibe’ together and meet like-minded individuals in our studio. Aside from attention to healthy food and drink, we will also focus on holistic health – relationships, laughter, good vibes, and other such life-affirming things.”

Completing its four-part approach to wellness, the studio makes room for artistic installations and pursuits. “Art seems to spice up any place, adding a touch of character. Beautiful images and colors always seem to raise our spirits as well. [It] will also serve as a gateway for people to communicate and bond…a way to get people to connect on other levels aside from the practice of yoga.”

L!FE Yoga Studio combines yoga with live music and sound therapy, a health food café, and art for a holistic approach on health in a fun atmosphere. Because being healthy is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

L!FE Yoga Studio

Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig