LF: New Hire | An Online Interactive Experience

Experience Teatro 77‘s interactive online theatre experience in partnership with SHOOR.

LFNewHire KV WIM 1People normally describe desk jobs as hell, but clearly they’ve never been in your situation. You begin your first day at a brand new job. Everything seems promising until you meet the other workers and you suddenly realize that you’re working in a wretched place. But don’t worry, they said — they’ll take care of you forever. Is this what you signed up for? Make your choice in this “choose your own adventure” theatrical experience from August 13 to August 31, 2021 on bit.ly/LFNewHire.

The show is designed for mature audiences, with scenes of violence and suicide. Viewer discretion is advised.


Helmed by Director Joshua Tayco, LF: New Hire is Teatro 77’s first professional production in partnership with SHOOR. The cast features Ybes Bagadiong, Kyle Confesor, Jigs Sumera, Kyla Ravago, Samantha Campos, Phoebe Louise Lina, and Dominick Molina.

Teatro 77 is a production company of Filipino multi-disciplinary theater professionals who work on and off the stage. They aim to push the potential of theater with their quirky, innovative experiences.

Tickets are just 250 pesos! Tickets are available on bit.ly/LFNewHire for the duration of the show, from August 13 to 31. For more information, contact Teatro 77 via their fb.com/teatro77ph instagram: @teatro77_ph and twitter: @teatro77.

Watch the trailer here: