A Letter to the President We Never Had

Thank you – a never ending thank you.

I was at the Department of Tourism when I heard the news. I didn’t know how to react at first, but because of the millennial that I am, I posted on Facebook: Stupid is Forever.

‘We are doomed’, I thought. Everything was going apeshit and though you’ve lost the presidential race, many of us were still wishing that you would regain your health and be back as fierce as ever. When you provided your resignation as Senator, I was actually relieved.

You deserved a break; you deserved to rest. We let you down; the Filipinos let you down.

With less than 4 million people rallying behind you during the elections, that wasn’t enough to push you to the presidency. We tried, though.

8 Quotes about Love from Former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago's Stupid is Forever

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago died peacefully today at 8:52am. Details of the interment will be announced later. We ask for prayers as her family goes through this difficult time”. I had to read it 5 times before I could understand the message. I didn’t want to believe it and I know all the Miriam supporters understand how it feels like to lose you.

We’ve lost more than a Senator. We’ve lost a woman who tirelessly served the country and loved us through all the things we’ve been through.

Tirelessly, more than 1,000 bills passed and even through cancer, you were still attending hearings and special projects.

So people ask, why do people love you? I wanted to answer the bills that you sponsored and authored like the Reproductive Health Act, Magna Carta of Women, Cybercrime Law, Anti-Bullying Law and Climate Change Act just to name a few.

I saw the praises that the Senators posted since your passing and all of them had nothing bad to say. The Filipinos all had good things to say about you, which made me ask – so why didn’t you guys vote for her? Maybe I was grieving, I was mad. Mad at those people who can only see this now – now that you’re gone.

We didn’t deserve you; we didn’t deserve to be served by a soul who never turned her back on her country. So, in behalf of the country, we are sorry.

Now, you can rest and find peace. Peace that we will forever be looking forward to… para sa bayan.