Let’s Support “The Pahina Project” – Race to Raise 2000 Notebooks


 “For every advocacy notebook you buy, we donate one to deserving public school students”



 “One in every ten Filipinos aged 6 to 24 years is an out of school child and youth,” according to the results of the 2016 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS) by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). That is a total of 3,900,000 out of school youth as of 2016. This number continues to grow as more students drop out of school due to the inability to afford the high cost of education. One of the key drivers of the cost of education in the Philippines is school supplies.

Viviamo! Inc., makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner and Navi: Your Life Navigator Journal, believes in the power of education in empowering the future generation. This inspired the company to create its newest product, the BDJ Advocacy Notebooks. These are not only made of quality materials but are also minimally designed to encourage artistry among students.

The words on the cover are also intentional. The statement “Balang araw, ako’y magiging ___(One day, I will become ___ ) intends to inspire the notebook’s users to dream for themselves. Meanwhile, the words Masigasig (Diligent), Maabilidad (Resourceful) and Malikhain(Creative) aim to motivate its users to keep on pursuing their dreams.

To kick off this project, Viviamo! Inc. launches The Pahina Project—Race to Raise 2000 Notebooks, a campaign that is geared towards providing quality notebooks to chosen beneficiaries for free. The goal of this campaign is to raise 2000 notebooks for donation to select public schools in the Philippines. To reach this number, the rules are simple: for every notebook you buy, we donate one. Viviamo! Inc. also gives options to buy and donate both notebooks to deserving students.

“As an organization, education advocacy is very close to our hearts,” says Darlyn Ty-Nilo, president of Viviamo! Inc. “We know the challenges being faced by students who have big dreams but don’t have the means to achieve it. Through this advocacy, we can be instrumental in making their dreams come true,” she adds.

To purchase the advocacy notebooks, visit https://ilovebdj.com/the-pahina-project/. For more information about Belle De Jour’s campaigns, visit ilovebdj.com or check out BDJ’s official Facebook and Instagram pages @BDJBuzz. You can also join in the community’s special groups for exclusive announcements and perks @thebellatribe and @bdjplanwithme.