Let’s Keep The Party Going: Virtual Unite 2020

By: Ruth Camarce and Naomi Opelanio


Don’t put your social time on pause because it’s time to bring back the groove with UNITE 2020! If you’re having a social withdrawal and getting antsy during this time of uncertainty, here’s some good news for you! 


The annual solidarity party for the Benildean Community and to welcome the frosh and transferees organized by the Student Trainers (STRAINS) is back! But this time, we’re going to throw it back with UNITE 2020: For a Common Purpose. Coming back with a twist, UNITE 2020 will be held online and no registration needed! Sit back and relax as we bring the party to you and fill your nights with various musical performances and engagements.

Enjoy some throwback music from two of our country’s top local bands Freestyle and She’s Only Sixteen, with special performances from our very own Benildean performers: Kyla & Jam, The Strays, Tala, and Why July  that will surely showcase extraordinary Benildean talents.


To truly complete your experience, listen and party in style with exclusive UNITE 2020 merchandise! Our official merch will be available until supplies last. So, come and join us as we bind everyone together from viewers, performers, and organizers for a common purpose!

UNITE 2020 merchandise are still available for pre-orders, just click this link: http://bit.ly/UNITE2020OrderForm answer the form and buy your favorite merch that awaits you!